Cubase 10 with Yamaha 02R as DAW Controller

Hello dear community,

I need a project file where I can control my Yamaha 02R. For the beginning it would be enough for me if you could control the volume / pan / mute.

Does anyone have a solution or can help me here to come up with the solution.

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I found this in my archives but it does not relate to Cubase. All I did is change the aliases to make it more meaningful to me.

It takes a CC and converts it to O2R SysEX messages and visa versa.

I suspect what you will want to do is to convert from O2R SysEX to Mackie MCU or HUI messages for various V-POT parameters so there is still some work to be done but is beyond the scope of support here.

In general V-POTS are relative encoders where this example uses absolute encoder messages, so it still may be helpful for controlling VST parameters in Cubase.

V-POTs send values of 0x41 and above for left movement and 0x01 up to 0x3a (usually not that far though) for right movement.

Yamaha O2R EQ fuctions-Frequency-Dial-2021-01-21.bmtp (3.1 KB)

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Can I use it to control the volume in both directions over 16 channels from Cubase and the Yamaha 02r?

If you need certain information for the Yamaha 02R let me know. I can then read out the midi data for you and maybe we can create a preset for the app together

Probably if you know what SysEx O2R sends and receives for each track. I suggest you look at the examples and adjust as necessary for volume. For Mackie MCU protocol volume sliders are

Ex mm ll

Where x is the MIDI channel 0-F (MIDI CH 1-16) , mm is the most significant value and ll is least significant byte value. X also represends the fader number

Also I think Cubase will require message for touch and release which are note number 0x68 - 0x6f I believe for MIDI tracks.

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can you send me a projectfile with this ?

I don’t have one created for Mackie. But if you google Mackie MCU or Logic Pro, you can probably find the Mackie MCU protocol definition. It would then be up to you to use that to modify the project file I sent you for your needs.

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Also available for paid consulting services:

Great if i have quaestions i will be back :slight_smile: Thank You

Is that protocol right ?

It looks right but doesn’t discuss faders, VPOT, VPOT feedback or LED display feedback.

Try this link:

Where i can find the whole protocoll ?

Great. Thank you Steve