DaVinci Resolve Fairlight Mixer + Roland A-500Pro MIDI Controller

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I hope all is well.

Through some trial & error I’ve actually managed to get my little home project working.

I used the project file in the link (below) generously provided by Mark and was greatly overseen by Steve, and after a little parameter re-configuration on my part, it worked a treat.

Link to original Project

Thank you, Mark & Steve for sharing :sparkles:

1\ Here is the .Mid file for the the Roland A-500 that you import into your A-500 editor and then transmit the file over to your A-500

DaVinci_Resolve.mid.zip (697 Bytes)

2\ Grab the above .Bome project file that Mark shared
and open it in to BMT
3\ Set DaVinci Resolves MIDI in & out - See pic below

Please advise,
Initially I thought of using the available free fader (9th fader) on the A-500 to control DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight Master fader which is called the “Bus 1” fader and I tried too, using the project Steve uploaded some time ago were one converts CCs to Sysex to control DaVinci’s Master fader but I couldn’t get it to work. I then realised I would like to control the FX Bus channel faders because unfortunately I can’t. My set up allows me to bank through as many “channel” faders as I want (in banks of 8), but unfortunately the FX Bus channels are not inclusive here. It seems they’re separate. And, I don’t think it’s possible? I understand DaVinci Resolve is using the MCU protocol to communicate to the outside world, though I have a feeling the ability to address/ control these additional Bus FX faders inside DaVinci’s Fairlight might not be part of the MCU protocol thus not possible.
If you could provide any info to help me set this up, I would be absolutely made up .

Disclaimer; I’m an absolute beginner and to have got thus far is quite astonishing, really and I’m over the moon.

Note, within the fairlight mixer ~ I can actually route the FX Bus Ch’s to the audio channels thus control the FX returns Ch’s that way but this is adding extra CPU resource to the project so it’s not desirable.

Thank you


Hi, I’m glad to see you have things working.

The Mackie MCU protocol only allows for 1 master fader and I don’t think Fairlight has implemented anything in that protocol to determine which bus is the master fader. This may be possible by using CC to mouse movements dragging the faders on the resolve app, however it may be tricky because the screen coordinates have to be fixed because Bome MIDI Translator Pro has no knowledge of the coordinates of the controls so we would have to set it manually and never move them.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Hi Steve,
I hope all is well.

Yes, after some googling around, I thought as much.

Well I really didn’t think I would be off to such a great start, thanks to you all.

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