Extend the WiFi range of BomeBox (DIY)

The BomeBox uses a small internal antenna. For many applications like accessing the web config, this is fine. However, if you’re running into connectivity issues, you may install an external, bigger, antenna.

The SoC in the BomeBox has a U.FL antenna connector. If you’re not afraid of opening your BomeBox and drilling a hole in the enclosure, you can install an external antenna (like this one) to increase the range. As it uses an own socket, you can detach the bulky external antenna when not needed.

Warning: you may operate outside CE/FCC regulation with an additional antenna. Use at your own risk!

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Another possibility if you you don’t want to drill a hole or also want 5G WiFi with antennas you could get a standard WiFi access point/router and use it in addition to the BomeBox.

If you use PoE anyway, something like this POE powered access point could be very convenient – just plug it directly into the PoE Out port of the BomeBox. Some configuration would likely be required. I haven’t tried it but it looks like it would work.

For me, Ethernet is the safest bet, especially if you cannot control the WiFi congestion at the venue.

Note: Looking at this closer, it might not be the right one. It says ‘Passive POE’ and BomeBox would require ‘Active POE’.
From what I read, passive POE could burn out your equipment if it doesn’t support it.

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