Faderwing for A&H SQ Mixingdesk via BomeBox

Hi A&H users,

Maybe someone is interested:
I got my icon Platform M+ running as Faderwing for the SQ – via the Bomebox!

SQ -> WIFI Router -> WIFI -> Bomebox -> icon Platfrom M+

But i think it should work with every HUI Protocol – maybe with some adjustments…

To setup the surface on the icon i use the encoders (while pressing the rec Button to edit)
So i can create a userdefined surface as it’s done on the SQ (but without drag&drop :wink:

Faderflip can be done with the “SEL” Buttons (AuxSnd 1-8) and Encoder Knobs (AuxSnd 9-12 & FxSnd 1-4)
Mutegroups 1-8 are programmed to the “Rec” Buttons.
Solo Buttons are used for the User Defined Buttons.

The .bmtb fileicon_platform_M_to_AH_SQ.bmtp (136.6 KB) (Bome MIDI Translator) is attached, which is needed to translate the MIDI Commands.

I’d be happy to get some feedback! - I think the coding is sometimes strange - especially when decoding commands send from the SQ…

have a nice day,

Very Nice!

Looks like you are running Your Platform M+ in HUI mode which is actually different and harder than MCU mode. Also MCU mode supports master fader and HUI does not.

It looks like the A&H QU uses NRPN for everything.

Again, thanks for posting!

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks for your reply.
I started the project in HUI-Mode and didn’t spent any time to look at the MCU…

To use also the master fader would be great!
Maybe I’ll spend some time to change the protocol…

Is there anything where HUI is the better choice?

Yes the SQ-Series uses the NRPN for all commands. To receive the correct variables send from the SQ-Mixer I have to do a lot of stacked “if” conditions.
I didn’t find an easy way to combine 2 “ifs” and then execute more actions.
Because in MidiTranslator it’s not possible to filter specific incoming NRPN strings. .

Would be great to add this feature.

Many greetings from Austria,

Yes, Mackie is much easier and allows for programming of the master fader.

Fader input messages are

E0 pp qq through E8 pp qq where pp is the MSB value and qq is the LSB value.
E0 is fader 1 and E8 is the master fader. (pp and qq happen to be Bome Local variables)

You can use input patterns to filter SysEX or NRPN message using “Raw MIDI” input. From there you can choose to either suppress the message or massage certain variables (included in the input pattern) to do something else.
Complex boolean logic can be done. Look at this post.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz