FEATURE SUGGESTION: Mouse scroll wheel as modifier

When using various control surfaces eg Steinberg units the use the AI knob, its possible to point the mouse at a parameter on screen and use the hardware knob for scrolling etc also with the ability to lock it
Keeping that in mind, Im programming generic remote in Cubase and what I want to achieve is
Press down a particular keystroke quickly that turns snap on and as part of a gesture, keeping it held down might eg cycle a list of choices, using the “scroll wheel” to scan up and down the values.
WITHOUT THE MOUSE :slight_smile:
Im using a game pad that has a scroll wheel on it so the idea is Im simply pressing the target key ie Grid Snap on/off. If I keep the key held and then rotate the scroll wheel it will increment up/down through the list.
There dont seem to be any inputs for scroll wheel?

This might help but I’m not 100% sure this is what you want. It will activate the scroll wheel of the mouse by turning a knob (CC #) at whatever location your mouse is currently pointed. I’m not sure whether the Steinberg AI knob send any MIDI information.
Bome MIDI Translator has outgoing mouse actions but not incoming triggers.

If you are on Windows, I have a program called MIDIBuddy that can translate mouse movements, clicks etc. to MIDI messages which when used with Bome MIDI Translator Pro might get you where you want.

mouse-knob-scroll-wheel-2018-08-05.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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