Joystick input: using the analog direction for finer resolution; any ideas?

On the back of the feature suggestion

I realise that joysticks are much higher res normally and my keypad can issue these events as controllers…any ideas to implement joystick dpad as controllers?

ie natively in mtp and without engaging another prog


MIDIBuddy (Windows only) has a joystick to MIDI function.

Steve Caldwell
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Thanks Steve
MJoy is also a very tight package but didnt know if there was a plan…perhaps to allow jscript or python plugins ins for mtp

Anyway prob not worth the trouble at this stage…

Is there eg a time limited trial etc? MJoy is free but MIDIBuddy looks like it might be a better choice ie more mature etc?

Hi, I’m afraid I cannot provide product direction or future plans for MT Pro. I know that this request has been made before, however (by me when I made MIDIBuddy) :wink:

If MJoy is working for you, t is probably that you stick with it since it works. I don’t offer a trial version of MIDIBuddy and also have not a lot of time to do updates. I released it several years ago and when the functionality stabilized, really didn’t do to many updates since the demand didn’t support my development time.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Yep, totally get the input>output on dev. Its looks really good; great work! Always about presence…no idea it was available…but how many people use joysticks to midi…geeks like us I guess hehe.

The tartarus has just raised so many workflow optimisations I never dreamt of before…especially in concert with an MCU for the mix section.

I know Gig Performer finally got integration going…especially for PD etc…which is why I asked about a compiled MTP as its just so much simpler (than pure data/max plus all the other management) and occurs before the host…anyway thats another whole big story…couldnt do anything but rub them up the wrong way :-\ Good luck to them.

Great corresponding with you guys…Florian is a breath of fresh air too :slight_smile: