Filter and translate CC

Sorry for my bad English and my not existing know how with Midi. I am an absolute layman and I hope you can help me.

We have the following setting. We play midi files via a Yamaha Genos in which we also have a track for the light and the switching of the mixer. We have bought a new Allen&Heath SQ 5 and I now have the problem that the commands for the light ‘interfere’ with the mixer and the commands in the midi file are wrong.

Is it possible to filter out all commands except those for switching the mixer.

For example, ignore everything except Controlchange 80-88 and then translate these commands to other controlchanges, for example 0-8.

(Answer in english is ok but prefer german if possible)


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Don’t worry we get a lot of new people here.

Please see the attached example.

It has one translator.

It accepts any CC on MIDI CH 1 with the following rules, will filter everything but CC 80-88. Anything it doesn’t filter will be sent out as CC 0-8.

We use the local variable ‘pp’ to capture the incoming CC number and ‘qq’ to capture the incoming value.

In rules we subtract 80 from pp and send it on output with the original value of qq.


if pp<80 then exit rules, skip outgoing action
if pp>88 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

I use the following aliases for my devices:


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Filter-Demo-2024-04-10.bmtp (1.1 KB)

I hope this helps!

I believe there is a translator built into this forum. If not, you can use Google translate.

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your very very fast answer, i‘ll try that immediately in the evening.

One mor question, what i have to do, when the new CC have different new „numbers“, for exampe:

80 = 01
81 = 02
82 = 01
83 = 00

Thanks in advance Steve.

Best regards,

Hi Steve, one more thing, it seems like my problem is bigger than the CC.

Here you can find a log report when I select a registration on the Genos, so that’s just a button press.

LOG - Select Registration Genos.docx (16.2 KB)

The device sends almost 300 midi commands and I don’t know which command arrives and what it does to the SQ5. When the midi file runs there are a ton of commands.

Can I somehow filter it all out and only let through the necessary commands (which I would then have to translate) that I want?

Best regards,

So to be clear, you are sending MIDI from your Yamaha Genos attached to your BomeBox DIN port to an application on your PC and it is also going to your A&H mixers that you do not want to send to? If this is the case, perhaps you just need to change the MIDI routing on the BomeBox.

I would look at these two pages on BomeBox and make sure that you uncheck Automatic routes and then just add the route that you want.

If this is not the case, please describe or draw the topology of your devices and how they are connected.

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Thank you for your message.

I have connected the Yamaha Genos, a light controller and the SQ5 with the Bome Box.
As you can see here:

Docutain Dokument.pdf (184.3 KB)

I tryed your setting to filter the CC but it doesn`t work, as you can see here:

Settings.docx (115.1 KB)

At the end, i want you handle and translate the following setup and signals:

Capture Midi.docx (72.1 KB)

I hope you can follow me and help me to find a solution for my problem.


Something like the below project will work however, you will need to run it on BomeBox. You cannot run it on PC or Mac because the signals will be already merged if you do.

If you need to run it on computer, then let me know as there may be a way to do that with Remote Direct MIDI. If you do this, you would turn off all routes on your BomeBox and then select the routing you wish on your computer.

Preset 0 handles PC and Bank Changes to your SQ5. Since there is no MIDI thru path, nothing else we get through.
The routing sends all signals thru from the Yamaha tothe Lighting software.

For testing on my computer, I set up my aliases as follows:


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

You will need to upload it to BomeBox and then set the aliases as shown below.

Then it should work.

Yamaha-SQ5-Lights.bmtp (1.4 KB)

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Hi Steve,

i don‘t have and i don‘t want to connect a computer?

Did you see my documents? I explained everthing in it.

I will send a midifile with different controllers to the BomeBox an split it up to a SQ 5 and a physical light controller…



Yes, and that is what the project file will do, however if you want to change it or test it for debug, you will need to use a computer.

Steve Caldwell
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I suggest you upload it to your BomeBox and give it a try. Please do not edit the file as it is a signed Bome MIDI Translator File and if you edit it with the trial copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro or any other way, it will no longer be signed so will no longer work on BomeBox.

Hi Steve, thanks for your patience.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, I’m getting desperate.

All midi commands are getting through to the light controller, which is fine.

But do all midi commands also come through on the Sq5?
Why is that?

Here again the log file and my settings.

All setting.docx (282.9 KB)
Log.docx (14.3 KB)

Thank you so much for your help!

I thought you were running on BomeBox not the computer, but you are showing me Bome MIDI Translator Pro so it is not on BomeBox. You are running it on a computer.

If you want to use your BomeBox for your devices but want to do translation in Bome MIDI Translator Pro, then it would be quite different. Could you upload your project file to your BomeBox (the one I last sent you) and run it there? You will not be able to watch anything, however while it is running on your BomeBox.


If you want to run your project on a computer but your devices on a BomeBox, this is how the aliases would be set up. However VERY IMPORTANT. Before you start.

  1. Turn off any projects currently running on BomeBox
  2. Disable all MIDI routes (turn off automatic routes) on the BomeBox MIDI Router Page.
  3. Disable Automatic Routes on the Allen & Heath page.
  4. Set up Remote Direct MIDI on your computer.


BomeBox N is the name of my BomeBox. Substitute that for the name of your BomeBox.

The project is the same project I sent last time but I just enabled Remote Direct MIDI and then repointed my aliases to the BomeBox ports.
Yamaha-SQ5-Lights.bmtp (1.4 KB)

I don’t have any thing routing back from your SQ5 to anything else. I’m not sure what you need there.

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You need to delete your route between Yamaha and MySQ5 in this picture otherwise EVERYTHING get through.


Hi Steve,

thank you. Now it is much clearer. It works now, during i use the Translator.
But i am not allowed to let pass the bank changes throw the Sq5. I set the 0 Register to ‘outgoing none’. Then nearly everthing is fine, with one little problem:

I also added a rule to filter the program changes and i also made some translators.
Not sure if this is the right way, but it works.

The only thing is that when I have no bank changes, the bome box automatically makes the following signals for example

In: C051 into a signal Out:C0 00 (you can see in de ‘log Window’)

Can we turn that off?

Now i load this setting to the Bome Box and nathing work, no signal to any device.

And also it doesn´t works any longer if i load it back to the Translator on PC:

Here is my settings file:

Servus.bmtp (2.5 KB)

Outgoing value on translator 0.1 should be pp not qq.

You might need to ensure that you do not have automatic routes set on BomeBox and then make sure your aliases are correct.

Steve Caldwell
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Since your preset has setting to output to SQ5, you do not need to also set this up at the translator level.

For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

Here is a cleaner version of what I think you want to accomplish.

1 Translator

Ignore PC <80 and > 89
Convert 80-89 to 0-9

Here are the rules.

// ignored less than 80 or greater than 89

if pp<80 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
if pp>89 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
// map 80-89 from intput to 0-9 on output

Log "Log PC=%pp%"

Servus-sjc.bmtp (1.3 KB)

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Hi Steve,

this is exactly what i need - you are a genius!

Now I’m trying to load it onto the box and hope that everything will still work.

I would also like to try to add more devices.

I hope I can keep bothering you if I have a question.
Thank you for your patience!!!

Best regards from Austria,