Help with footswitch and Mute Groups on Qu 24

I ask “bome forum” for a help with a programming BomeBox.
I buy it, but now i see that is my knowledge about Midi Protocol to weak.

My Equipment is:
Allen&Heath Qu 24 firmware 1.95.4561
Harley Benton MP100 Midi Foot Controller (
Apple AirPort Express

I`d like to have stable control to the Mixer with iPad, and a midi/din control with MP100 midi foot controller for turning on/off Mute Groups 1-4, and a Tap delay.

What suggest you about WiFi, should I use just BomeBox Acces Point ore both (Apple Ekspress and Bomebox)?
I`d like to have hidden Wifi, when is possible.
Thank You by helping me and a Happy New Year!

Franci Kolar, SI

Hi, and welcome to the Bome community and congratulations on the purchase of your new BomeBox.

You can either setup your iPad to talk with the BomeBox directly via WiFi 2.4G or if you want to use your Apple Airport Express you can plug one of the ethernet ports into the Airport Express and use the 5G WiFi of your Airport Express. Usually MIDI traffic doesn’t require 5G and 2.4G range is better so I would recommend just setting the BomeBox up as WiFi hotspot (the default).
You can turn off displaying your ESSID in the advanced configuration area of your BomeBox if you wish.

You can use Bome Network to send and receive MIDI between your BomeBox and iOS device. Bome Network for iOS can be found at the Apple Store.

You would then use Allen and Heath Protocol to communicate between BomeBox and your Qu24.

The interface to the Allen and Heath does not do MIDI translation so to translate what your iPad sends to something recognizable by the mixer, you will need to use translators. The Qu24 uses NRPN messages to control parameters. I would need to know what MIDI messages your iPad and MP100 sends in order to give you an example of a translator. You will need to use a Bome MIDI Translator Pro project running on your BomeBox to do this. Typically you would configure your project with a PC or Mac and once configured, upload the project file to BomeBox and run it there without the need for a computer. You would need to purchase Bome MIDI Translator Pro to run on BomeBox, however you could use the trial version to test it using a computer.

You would need to review the manual for the Qu24 to understand what NRPN’s are needed for what paramaters.

Here is an example of converting Mackie MCU faders-1 to NRPN that the Allen and Heath SQ6 uses. You would need rules established for each parameter controlled.

MCU-to-NRPN-Allen-Heath-SQ6.bmtp (879 Bytes)

If you need a specific example for on parameter, I would need to know which parameter as well as the MIDI that the footswitch or iPad sends.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Per your private message indicating your footswitch send the following for turning Mute Groups On and Off, I’m attaching and example to convert to NRPN for the Allen and Heath QU mixer per this documentation link.

Mute Groups 

MG1 90 50 7F 80 20 00
MG2 90 51 7F 80 20 00
MG3 90 52 7F 80 20 00
MG4 90 53 7F 80 20 00

MG1 90 50 3F 80 20 00
MG2 90 51 3F 80 20 00
MG3 90 52 3F 80 20 00
MG4 90 53 3F 80 20 00

I’m only using the note on messages and values 90 xx yy and not the note-off values as they are of no use in this example.

The first translator is for the fader which apparently uses different NRPN on the QU mixer than the SQ mixer so I changed it.

The second translator represents your current request. I put in rules so that one translator should be handle all mute groups both on and off.

// Currently NRPN parameter numbers on outgoing on translators cannot be varilables
// so I'm using raw MIDI instead

// Incoming Note 0x50-53 on value is 7F and off value is 3F
if pp<80 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action
if pp>83 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

// adjust to offset starting with 0

// set abort condition

// set value
if qq==63 then tt=pp
if qq==127 then tt=pp|64

// abort if invalid incoming value
if tt<0 then exit rules, skip Outgoing Action

// set channel number from incoming channel and OR with 0xb0

And the project file:

MCU-to-NRPN-Allen-Heath-QU24.bmtp (2.6 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

thanks for all Answers. Everything with WiFi i have solved.
With Pocket MIDI software I succeeded sending message from PC to qu24 turning on/off Mute group.
Now i need help how to programming mp100 controller and Midi Translator.
Foot controller is connected with midi 5 pin cable to bomebox and it sends CC" messages.
Midi messages for Qu-24 are in Attachment.

NRPN Qu 24 MuteGrp.txt (214 Bytes)
Kind Regards,