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I am REALLY REALLY a newbie to all things MIDI. I have used it extensively but with preset stuff that is pretty much plug and play. I recently acquired an APC MINI and the software I use (mostly video equipment) is hard coded and with much different values to those output by an APC MNI. As such I had to translate its output. All is going more or less well. I have been achieving my goals title by little but on the subject of switching the buttons LED I am absolutely in the dark. So here is what I am doing. I only want to light up some Buttons. Some of them Permanently and some of them as I press them

In my setup I have in MIDI INPUT and OUTPUT both APC MINI and BOME MIDI TRANSLATER 1 VIRTUAL (in and out)

so on my preset I have

BUTTON 56 which is the top left button


And then the hex value of 90 56 01

I am told that

90 kk 00 (off)
90 kk 01 (green)
90 kk 02 (green blink)
90 kk 03 (red)
90 kk 04 (red blink)
90 kk 05 (yellow)
90 kk 06 (yellow blink)

where kk is the button number.

so I was expecting that whenpressing button 56 it would light up in GREEN but what happens Is that instead of button 56, button 86 lights up in green. Why?

On the OUTGOING I can see that button 86 is the one actually set to light up. Why is this so?


Many thanks


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Any raw messages are indicated as hexadecimal numbers and not decimal so you will need to convert to hex. The Windows Programming calculator can do this for you or there are a number of web sites that can do this as well. The number 50 hex happens to be 80 decimal.

As far as routing MIDI signals with perhaps different outputs to different locations, I suggest you look at this tutorial.

Steve Caldwell
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When you get past the first hurdle with LED’s you can review the below thread where I show how to use 2 global variables to bitmap and control the 64 main pads on the APC MINI.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: