message at startup

Sorry for another query:)... I get this message (see pic) every time BMT starts ( I set up mine to start automatically at W10 startup). I am not sure why! I have several controllers but BMT asks to select the midi devices only for these two when it starts (only the korg is visible in the pic). the other ones are recognised without the need of further confirmation/selection.


Thanks! :)



Without looking at your project file, let me explain a bit how this works.

When opening, Bome MIDI Translator pro looks for any port names (aliases and physical ports) that are defined in the project (either by default project ports or defined in translators and presets).

If there is an exact match, you will not be prompted for the given port. If there is not an exact match, MT Pro will prompt you to assign the port to any ports exposed to the operating system.

Often times, this is an alias that you have previously defined a given port name that cannot be found. Or the device just doesn’t exist (is not connected). You then get the opportunity to define it as an alias. If you define (assign) the alias to a physical port, it will remember next time the project starts (unless it is no longer connected at next startup. You can also tell it to “don’t ask again” in the pulldown menu and it will never ask again. The downside is that if you really need that port (or alias), anything the project won’t work as expected.

Now, I have many types of MIDI devices that I connect and disconnect at various times so my configuration often changes. For this, I usually assign my own generic alias names for the ports I wish to use (ie My Controller, My App). Then as my devices or apps use different ports, I can just assign my alias in one place to the port names. Later if things are changed, I just re-assign my alias (in one place) to the new port. This avoids me having to make re-assignments throughout the project.

So my advice is to always use aliases in your project definitions and then as port names change , you just re-assign the alias an move on.

Now to fix your issue:

  1. Create aliases for all of the physical ports you want to use, (at the project, preset and translator level).
  2. Remove any references in your project file that try and send or receive from a physical port and instead, define them to input or output to one of the aliases you created.
  3. Restart the project

If you are prompted for any name that is not one of your aliases, you must not have caught them all. Go back and fix anything you missed.

Sometimes, I get in a situation of “alias overload”. I this case, I go to preferences and clear all aliases. Then when restarting the project file, it will prompt again, however there will be less stray aliases hanging around that you no longer need. If you answer the prompt and your physical device assigned to a given alias is not available, it will prompt you again, otherwise, you will be good to go.

See also the tutorial on Aliases.

Also the tutorial on MIDI Device Selection

This is also described in the manual (F1 or Help within MT Pro)

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Thanks for your detailed reply Steve. I am going to look at the tutorials you mentioned and then try to fix the issue as per your instructions.




Thank you very much Steve – Issue resolved!! :). Cheers!!