Midi Translator Pro Crashing

Hi All,
I’ve been using Midi Translator Pro without any problems until recently. MTP has begun randomly crashing during a performance. I’m using a Mac Book Pro running Sonoma. MTP runs behind keynote and is being used (among other things) to control slide advance.
It runs fine for a while, then crashes when I send the message from my FCB1010.
I’ve attached the crash report - any help or words of wisdom would be very gratefully received!
Thank you
MIDITranslatorPro-2023-12-11-104034.pdf (79.2 KB)

Hi, I see you are using Version 1.9.1 build 1057.


Build 1060 released in early November due to some users reporting crashes. Did you try downloading and installing that? You can download it within your Bome Account.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks, Steve - really fast reply! I’ll try that immediately

Hi, this is a very bad crash!
If you experience such a crash again with the latest (build 1060), please follow these instructions for a more complete crash report (unfortunately, the PDF you’ve attached does not contain the relevant info where it crashed):

We will then do everything we can to fix this!

Thanks a lot!