Mouse Movement Tutorial Now Available


We added a tutorial today for using and external controller to control mouse movement on the computer. You can find the tutorial at the link below and I've added the project file here if you want to play with it after viewing the tutorial.

One thing I didn't do on the tutorial is mouse click, but I added a translator for that in the attached project

The tutorial can be found here




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Hi Steve, this is really great programming! How hard would it be to change the controller from the novation cc notes to the Korg NanoPad2 XYpad cc notes? I believe Florian did a little work awhile back using these midi mappings here:
I am a little lost with all of this and would like to get mouse control using the xy pad on this by hopefully modifying this wonderful template you have made. Thanks!

Hi, I believe the XYPad on Korg NanoPad2 can be programmed with the NanoKontrol Editor. You can either change the CC values of your XYPad to that of the attached project file or modify the project file for the CC’s you currently have your NanoPad2 set. Please ensure it is CC mode and not Note mode.


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Thanks for the quick reply Steve!

So I downloaded Korg editor and it appears the midi values are cc#1 for x and cc#2 for y. I swapped out these and it actually worked somewhat left was left. right was right. up was up and down was down but it was super choppy and laggy in an usable state. Anyway to get this smoother?

I ended up going back to the simple layout i started to replicate Florian’s above link i posted and got that to semi work as well with the CC numbers. however everything went down except moving left went right. But the weird thing is was it was alot smoother. So maybe I am missing something else with the programming of the knob vs an actually trackpad.

So if you ever get some time and its easy for you to decipher what the issue is I have posted a screenshot of the korg editors xy values and uploaded the bmtp files.

Thanks again,


Hi Micah,

If you want finer movement you can send note on message on channel 1 note 9. This will set the fine tuning where a change of 1 from the controller will be a 1 pixel move. However since more screen sizes are larger than 127, you will not be able to move across the screen all the way. The global variable gg controls whether to use fine tune (1:1) movement or scaled movement, Scaled movement is calculated by the screen size which is controlled by the global variables g1 and g2 in the Preset “Init” Translator “Set Global Variables”.

So there are four additional things you will need to adjust to make it work the way you want.

1) Go to the “Set Global Variables” translator and in the rules section and set the screen width variable g1
2) In the same rules section change the screen height variable g2
3) In the “Knobs” preset change what control you want to use to set “Fine tune on” translator
4) Also in the “Knobs” preset, change what control you want to set “Fine tune off” translator

Optional, if you want fine tune on at the beginning, you can set that up in the “Init” Preset “Set Global Variables” translator. Just change gg=0 to gg=1

As far as reverse up and down movement, you can either program your controller the Y Polary to from Normal to Reverse or comment out the line in the U/D translator that says

So it would read
// pp=127-pp

Finally and again optional if you want something to control Left click change the input to what you want to do that.


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