Mouse moves on mac but not on Windows

Hello there

I just saw the possibilities in Bome and I am surprised, I need this, but before purchasing a license I want to be completely sure.

My idea is to be able to use two midi messages with the possibility of moving the mouse left and right to be able to change presets in the Diva and Kontakt plugins.

I have managed to create a preset that works for me on mac but not on windows …

I’m doing something wrong, I’m sorry but I’m very new to this and I’m also Spanish, sorry for my English hahaha

Hi and welcome to the Bome Community!

Windows sometimes has a strange way to calculate mouse movements. Try moving by 3 pixels or more and see it it work better. Sometimes Windows does not detect a single pixel movement.

If that doesn’t work, post your project file and I will take a deeper look.

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Good morning Steve, first of all thanks for your answer !!

I’m going to share my preset and explain the purpose a bit.

My idea is to be able to move the mouse by touching the left button, switching between presets in plugins that do not have the possibility of program change. They have NKS protocol.

On mac this is working perfectly, when I play the midi messages the mouse moves and stays static to be able to switch between presets.

In windows it has movement but it is not static, the mouse moves every time I press the midi button, I need it to be static as in mac.

I attach my project.


PS: Thanks in advance !!


The key issue you are facing is with timing of the mouse movement and clicks. I disabled the original presets in your project and created 2 new presets

Init - Handles setting of global variables when project is open and escape key is pressed
New Mouse Move - Handles Mouse movement and click timers

I use the variable ga to determine which step we are in 0=move mouse 1= click mouse 2=done
I use variable gb to determine the mouse movement amount. for right movement I use 3 pixels instead of 1 since Windows platform does not always recognize one pixel mouse movement.

In the second preset:

  • I have translator 0 that sets the mouse movement amount and starts a timer for the next 3 translators “mouse move and click”. The rules here determine which CC you pressed and sets the global variable gb to the desired amount. If the CC is not on the list, nothing else happens. The movement timer never trips

  • Translator 1 sets a 250 watchdog timer to ensure everything is reset if nothing happens in 250 ms

  • Translator 2 (ga=0) moves the mouse

  • Translator 3 (ga=1) clicks them mouse after a 20ms delay

  • Translator 4 is the watchdog timer and sets ga and gb back to 0 for the next iteration.

Again, the issue you faces was primarily around the timing of movement and clicks. I’m surprised it actually worked on your Mac.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve, thank you so much for your help. This would have been impossible for me, now it is totally perfect on mac and windows. It is all that I needed. Great community and great technical support.

Hi, I’m glad it is working for you!


Hello again Steve

The problem has returned again, in Win (2H02) it does not remain static, each midi message moves the mouse to the left until it reaches the end of the screen, but in Mac (10.14.6) it works perfectly. It only worked the first time I have worked with it but now it is failing …

I am working with Bome 's v1.9.0

Thanks in advance !!

It is still working for me. Maybe you inadvertently disabled a translator or preset. Please download again and retry.


Hi Steve, unfortunately not. I have already checked and everything is fine. I’m going to try doing a clean install of windows and I’m going to give you feedback on this.


If you get stuck, if you turn the log window on and move your MIDI controls with MIDI In checked and Outgoing checked, we can see further what is happening. Just copy and paste the log results into either a text file or into the forum post.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Good morning Steve, I did a clean installation of windows but the problem continues. I attach event log as you asked me

mouse midi.txt (2.1 KB)

Interesting, it shows everything OK. Are you saying the mouse never moves right and only moves left? What is your screen resolution?

In this project file I moved the mouse right movement from 3 to 5. Can you tell me if this works?
SWISSONIC & MOUSSE MIDI-5-sjc.bmtp (5.3 KB)

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Could you also check "about’ in MIDI translator and make sure your at 1.9.0 build 1022?
If not, please go to your account and download the latest.

Steve Caldwell
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Hi Steve,

Yes I am in the latest version. I have done a clean install on 20H2 and I have the latest version.

What I don’t understand is because it is working fine on mac …

Did you try the latest version of the project file I sent you where it moves 5 right instead of 3 right? It turns out that Microsoft keeps changing the mouse movement calculations and sometimes does not recognize a small mouse movement. . It gets fixed and then we find out that for some reason it get broken again with the next release of Windows or on a monitor with a specific size and/or scaling.

What resolution is your screen and are you using any type of scaling?

Steve Caldwell
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Hi Steve:

Sorry but I haven’t seen the message with the new preset. Tomorrow morning I’m going to test it and give you feedback.

My resolution is 3840x2560 and 200% scaled i think. Tomorrow morning I will confirm it.

Thanks in advance !!!

Hi @fpazcas ,

Please try this. I use a bit of a trick to hopefully make small mouse movements work on Windows. I’m doing this until we can figure out why Windows keeps changing the way it calculates mouse position which is the root of the issue.

This project file will multiply the mouse movements gb by gd (currently 5), then move the mouse in one direction. Then it will shortly thereafter move it back by by (gb*5)-gb

So if you are moving the mouse right 1 it would look like this

  • step 1 move mouse right 5 (translator 1.2)
  • step 2 move mouse left 4 (translator 1.3)
  • step 3 left click (translator 1.4

I put a 10ms delay between step 1 and step 2

Let me know if this works.

SWISSONIC & MOUSSE MIDI-2021-09-07.bmtp (6.3 KB)

In the meantime, please confirm your monitory resolution and scaling. If you have multiple monitors, let us know for each monitor and if the original project file works on any of your monitors.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve sorry for delay.

yesterday I had a health problem and was not in the studio.

Confirm Resolution is 3840x2160 and 175% scaled.
I have checked the 2 presets but the problem continues, I am going to send a video to see the situation …





Please try scaling at 100 instead of 175 and see if this helps.

Also, please try this version. I removed the thru route between BMT 1 and back to your Swissonic device. I also set up the preset to only recognize control changes from your Swissonic. There is a possibility there was some MIDI feedback from your application retriggering the events where you probably want to only trigger incoming MIDI messages from your Swissonic.

SWISSONIC & MOUSSE MIDI-2021-09-08.bmtp (6.3 KB)

I hope you are feeling better!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve, I have removed the scaling and set it to 100% but the problem is still in all presets … :frowning: