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Hi Guys, firstofall i like to thank everybode of Bometeam and especially Steve for all the great work. MTP chaged my studio workflow a lot and i am programming also a lot. But i dont get the new update.

  1. Its buggy as hell. Sometimes copy and paste orders dont work. Sometimes it ignores marked phrases and earases the hole rule, whily only segments are marked. Sometimes it stops working and i have to close the platform and reopen it.
  2. Why the hell did you change the midi level input mask. now i cant input the channel via the number block. thats horrible. it needs always an extra mouse klick.
  3. why does the mask cant stay on one point when i pass to a new translator via the cmd + n order. thats makes me nuts. i always need the mouse to move up and down.
  4. why does the input mask changes from translator view to somehow something global when changing differen types of translators. for example from a nrpn to a midi cc translators. again we have to use the mouse and click in.
  5. i would love to have some really urgend workflow changes, that would respare me really weeks of clicking.
    a) Marking several translators and changing a specific parameter of all of them would be number one. i dont get it, why this is not integrated. i spend really weeks changing every single translator. this is horrible.
    b) please guys we need GROUPS for presets and also translators inside presets. my project is about 80 mb size. grouping the presets together would be such an improvement.
    c) Please let us colour in translators an groups. this would also be a great improvement in large projects.
    d) a way for controlling when a note off should be sending after a note on order in ms and seconds would be great.
    e) and lfos. please lfos. i now there are timer. but a simple lfo would be so great, triggerable by a midi clock signal or a rule. please…
    Especially a) and b) would really respare tons of time.

I wish everybody a good xmas times and best in their lives. stay healthy and happy. and again 10000 thanks to steve for always helping when there is need. best greets from europe.

Hi, and sorry for your troubles! Are you on Mac or Windows? If on Mac, please go to your account page and update with the latest build of MT Pro 1.9.1 Build 1060. You can see the build of your current version in the ‘About’ box.

Could you please illustrate the issue? Below is a screen shot of 1.9.0 on the left and 1.9.1 on the right of the incoming options?

Again, not sure what you mean here.

Again, please illustrate. From what I see there is not difference in behavior.

As far as your enhancement requests, they have all been captured, however we cannot comment to any timelines if and when they will be available.

For your issues, perhaps if you could illustrate them maybe I can address them better but your descriptions didn’t make sense to me and the user interface really didn’t change much in the latest release. Sorry!
I know the channel selection changed slightly which was based on a user request.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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If for some reason, the new version does not work well for you, you can still download the older version from your Bome account and use it instead. We would like to understand, however your issues better with the new version.

Hi Tiburio,
thank you for your detailed feedback! I am sorry that the latest update included changes that do not work well for you.

As Steve said, we don’t have any evidence that it is buggy. We don’t have any such reports from other users, and also we here at Bome work with MT Pro on a daily basis and don’t experience problems with copy/paste or even freezes. For us, it is very important to fix any bug and freeze to ensure that MT Pro is the most stable MIDI processor. If you could provide us more info, it would help us enormously to hopefully fix your issues:

  • are you on Windows or Mac?
  • as Steve pointed out, please make sure to use the latest version (as of December 2023: v1.9.1 build 1060).
  • if you can find a step-by-step way to reproduce the copy/paste problem, please report here (if we cannot reproduce it, we will not be able to fix it).
  • if you experience a freeze (or even a crash), please follow these instructions to send us a dump file: Crash or Freeze? Please send us a dump file!
    Also, explain what you were doing before the crash or freeze happened. Thanks!

Here, I can shed some light. This was changed due to this report: Lose the 0-15 Count in MIDI Channel Outgoing please!
You’re absolutely right that you should be able to select the correct channel by just entering the number. We want MT Pro to be easily usable without mouse! We’ll file this as a bug.

Whether channel numbering starts with 0 or with 1 is not easy to solve. I guess that it’s an individual preference, or even depends on the kind of project you’re working on. I think displaying both is a good compromise.

I think what you’re referring to is that when you’re editing Outgoing action of Translator 1, and then go to Translator 2 via Cmd+N (or ctrl-N on Windows), the Outgoing Action may move up or down.
This ‘jumping’ is a problem we’re aware of. We’ve actually improved (reduced) it considerably in the last versions. But under some conditions it is still there, especially if the Incoming section is larger or smaller in Translator 2. We’ll record this as a bug.

We thought that this problem was fixed in v1.9.1, and I cannot reproduce it here. Could you provide a specific example where that happens?

Yes, this is a highly rated feature request. Unfortunately, it means reworking ALL GUI code for the actions, and to come up with sensible solutions when the selected translators have different types or Rules. It should not be easy to accidentally overwrite all selected translators (e.g. the Rules).
I’ve bumped up the priority of this feature request.

I fully feel with you here. We use empty presets with dashes as name for a minimal kind of grouping, but of course that is not what you need. I’ve bumped up the prio of this feature request. If we implement this will be a decision of simplicity vs. functionality. But maybe we can find a way to keep the simplicity of the preset list while still offering hierarchical presets.

Your project is 80MB? That would be the biggest project we’ve ever encountered, by far! Although the processing engine has no problem with huge projects, the GUI editor may respond sluggish sometimes, with such huge projects (although we try to optimize things as best as possible).

Great request, and also already in our feature request tracker.

Great new idea! Added to the feature request tracker.

Very nice idea. You mean you can start an LFO via an Outgoing Action, and it would regularly call an Incoming Action ‘LFO’ with the current LFO value?

In summary, thank you very much for taking the time to write down all these requests. We’ll use this forum topic to track any questions and progress.
You will also like @SuperTrev’s feature requests, some of them are overlapping:
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