New at Bomebox would like to control SQ6 faders with Avid S1

Hello Bome Form,
Hope the question is not that much crazy… I am new to Midi protocols…
I would like to use the Avid S1 faders with some of the faders of the A&H SQ6 now I got the Bome box in between…
I can select the A&H Mixer - Bome Box detects the Mixer.
But how I can map now the Avid S1?
Avid S1 is connected with Cat 6 cable to the bomebox.
The bomebox is connected to the Mixer via a router in between…

Do I need to program all the faders with the Bome midi translator pro first?
If so how can I select the Avid S 1 in Midi translator?

Sorry it might be a easy question what can be answered quickly…I cant get thru as I am not a programmer :slight_smile: Maybe need some first step help…

At the end all what someone know is easy :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the forum!

I’m afraid unless you have some software that converts EUCON protocol to MIDI, this would not be possible. The BomeBox ethernet is set to work with either specific Allen and Heath mixers or Bome Network only. Other than that it is a generic ethernet router for all other applications. As far as I can tell the Avid S1 is not a MIDI controller. It might be possible that they have software that runs on PC or Mac to convert Eucon to some sort of MIDI protocol. If this is possible, we could use Bome MIDI Translator running on either BomeBox , PC or Mac to convert MIDI signals to the MIDI signals that the Allen & Heath SQ Mixer can use.

Steve Caldwell
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Dear Steve,

Thank you for the quick respond.

Thats bad news … interesting is that Avid S1 was shown in our delivering partner portal as: use with Mackie protocol & Hui… that was the reason I thought it should work…
Anyhow the thing I would like to do is still the same.
Controlling some Mixer faders of the SQ 6 with a second surface…
Could you recommend me a unit that works with the bomebox?
Maybe the Behringer X-Touch series? seems to be working? What do you think?

Thank you :slight_smile:
Best regards

I’m pretty sure Avid has Eucon to Mackie Software so if you can load that then we could use Bome MIDI Translator Pro to convert Mackie MCU MIDI to what the SQ series uses. Alas you would need their software running on Mac or PC so if you want to use BomeBox as stand alone (with no computer), then the S1 would not be an option.

There are many Mackie MCU compatible controllers that you could use and the one you use would be depending on your budget and features needed.

With that said, you really don’t need it to be Mackie MCU compatible. It just needs to be MIDI. You would then be able to use Bome MIDI Translator Pro running on either PC or BomeBox to convert whatever MIDI the controller sends to what the SQ6 needs.

I have a Behringer X-touch Compact which has motorized faders and can do the job whether in Mackie MCU mode or in standard CC layer A or B modes.
It is a bit bulky for my needs so I often go with a smaller Korg nanoKontrol2 which is not as fully featured (no motorized faders or V-POT rings) but is a much smaller footprint and less expensive.

In a nutshell, pick a surface that does MIDI and has the layout that you like and with a bit of MIDI translation, you can’t go wrong. If using USB, make sure it is class compliant (most new models are).

Steve Caldwell
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Dear Steve,
Thank you very much… I think Behringer will be my best choice…
A Computer in between I would like to avoid.
Thank you for the hint about the nanoKontrol use ordered Behringer and the nanoKontrol… Happy to try it out :slight_smile:
I basically would like to have 8 faders routed to some Aux or Grp outputs.
The idea behind is having quickly control of what is going to the Aux or Grp Output…

Thank you again have a nice day
Best regards

You are quite welcome!

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Thank you again for the feedback.
I would like to avoid the computer in between…
It is just for a sub panel for some Inputs mixed to the Aux outputs to make quickly changes on the aux levels…
Thought it would be an easy option … :slight_smile:
I think I will try out the Behringer X touch thank you again and have a nice day.
Best regards

Sounds like I’m trying to do the same thing you are: Control SQ6 aux send / groups from a remote location for tweaking live-stream mix for broadcast? Just bought Bomebox and MTP and looking forward to the possibilities. Has anyone documented the process for the MIDI controller to Bomebox to A&H mixer integration?

Hi @jake-6514 and welcome to the Bome community!

The BomeBox instruction guide documents how to connect. It is really just a simple raw network connection.

Once Connected, you will need translators to handle MIDI conversion to the SQ6 from whatever controller you are using. The documentation for the SQ6 is available on the Allen&Heath Site, and you would need to look at your controller documentation for what it sends.

For translation, you will need to purchase Bome MIDI Translator Pro. You can then test the project with a PC or Mac and then upload it to BomeBox for execution. Note, that project files created with the free trial copy of Bome MIDI Translator Pro will work on BomeBox.

Steve Caldwell
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Hi jake,
I’ve programmed quite a lot to control my SQ via an icon Platform M+.
Here you can find a thread:

I’ve you would like, I can upload my newest MTP file for the BomeBox, with one feature i like the most:
Completly free assignment of any possible parameters to the faders of the icon Platfrom without computer!
So i can control the sendlevels of different mixes groups or matrizes for any channel or whatever…

It’s quite simple:
By changing the desired parameter on the SQ, the Faderwind receives the associated midi address, and then this address is assigned to any fader (or encoder) via key-combinations (“setup-menu”).

So the layout is extremly free.
There is only one major disadvantage: The Bomebox cannot stor parameters permanently, so if I loose power, I’ve to programm the 8 Faders and 8 encoders again.

But in your case, maybe you’d like to programm a fixed “never chaning” layout for you controller.
I use it in live situations mostly to control the different effekt Send’s of different channels or groups…
Or the Output matrizes…

Give a shout, if you need some help!
best greetings,

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