No incoming midi

Hi, just got my bomebox and downloaded the trial software but can’t get any incoming data, wathcing tutorials but nothing explains why I’m not getting data? Everything is connected and when I activate an event on my external device I can see the light on bomebox flashes differently so midi is hitting the device but the software doesn’t register this.

I only bought this device to change #CC from 1 value to another value.

Ok so I need a USB cable? Confused why this wouldn’t be included as who has a USB cable like this laying around? Plenty of the standard ones but not this one.

Also I have to pay for the software as well?


I’m sorry you are having trouble. The BomeBox by default will route all ports to all other available ports if Automatic Routes is set. However without the paid version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro, you cannot run a project file on BomeBox because the project file needs to be signed and can only be signed using the paid version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro. You can still add or delete static routes however.

As a one time event, if you post or email your project file that works on MT Pro, I can sign it and send it back to you for testing on BomeBox. However if you modify it with the trial version of MT Pro it will no longer be signed. A purchase of MT Pro will be necessary to run a project file on BomeBox.

You will need a USB cable only if attaching USB MIDI devices. Most USB controllers come with one. The BomeBox acts as a MIDI host with the A type USB connector and will recognize class compliant MIDI USB devices. You can also use ethernet or WiFi (using BomeNetwork) for MIDI connections and of course the MIDI DIN sockets.

For power, you need a consistent power source with a USB Micro connector on the BomeBox end or a Power over ethernet (POE) adapter to power BomeBox.

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So I need to pay for software even though I’ve purchased this device? And the device is basically useless without the software?

I’m confused if I knew this I wouldn’t of bought the device and stuck with midi solutions.

Also, I still do not have data coming into this software? I just want to do a very simple task which has cost me an arm and a leg.

If I press something on my device I should see data in the software? What am I doing wrong?

Also, I asked a specific question that I don’t need a computer now I need a computer to power the device?

So, I was basically lied to and have bought a device I need to buy additional software and I need to buy a battery to power this thing?

Wy wasn’t I told initially that “I need a computer or a battery”?

Why does this device not work like on the youtube tutorials?

why is there no data coming from the bome box? This is midi monitor and no midi data is being sent from this device. it’s useless


You do not need to connect your device to a computer. However you may need to set up the MIDI routing through the MIDI router web page first. Open your Bome Network Tool on your computer or and click on the web ICON. Bome Network is free for those who wish to communicate between BomeBox and PC or Mac. The BomeBox does require power to operate as all electronic devices require some sort of power.

bomebox web page

Once you are there, log in and go to your MIDI Routes page. You should see something like the below. Check the Automatic Routes Box and click save. Then all attached ports are routed to all other attached ports.

When you send to any attached input port on the BomeBox, the MIDI will go out all other output ports. If you don’t want to route to all ports, you can uncheck the Auto Routing and add the routes that you want.

I’m sorry you felt that you were lied to! On our BomeBox web page, it clearly state that BomeBox does not come with a Bome MIDI Translator Pro license.

This web page.

Scroll down to FAQ

If you don’t want to keep your BomeBox, please reach out to us on our Contact web page.

My offer to do a one time signing of a project file or even create a simple translation project and send it to you still stands. As far as why your project is not working, it is likely due to the signing issue or it could be that you don’t have the proper input and output ports are defined in the project file. I would need to look at it to tell and also know the input and output devices you want for your routing(s).

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Hi @futureoutfit , sorry to read all your frustration. And thanks for “believing” in us by contacting us here. So that we can explain the misunderstandings.

First of all, the BomeBox is a very versatile and powerful device, and it is used for many many different use cases. You are right in expecting that a simple use case should be simple to set up. But the BomeBox has a few unique features which is the source of its power, but it is also means that customers may need to learn a thing or two before being able to use it in the way they want. For most customers, initial set up is quick, and many of them start using the BomeBox for many other things, too. But even for users who have experience with MIDI and seemingly similar devices, some functionality might be implemented in a surprising way in the BomeBox.

Your Use Case

Now trying to understand what you want to do:

  • you have two devices connected to the BomeBox
  • you want to map a control change message CC #1 to another value.

Which devices are you using? Which CC should CC#1 be mapped to?

Powering the BomeBox

As Steve said, the BomeBox needs to be powered, there are multiple options with different properties. For more information, you can check the BomeBox instructions (which are included with the BomeBox as a printed booklet).

Network MIDI / Web Config

If you don’t want to use a computer and let the BomeBox handle the MIDI connections and mappings, then that is certainly possible, and one of the main use cases. However, for programming the BomeBox, you need a network connection to the BomeBox (Ethernet or WiFi) for accessing the web config. If you want to send MIDI to the BomeBox and receive MIDI from it, a network connection is required and the free Bome Network tool.

Bome MIDI Translator Pro license

If you want to create or modify such a mapping (the MIDI Translator Pro project), you will need a separately sold license of Bome MIDI Translator Pro. We certainly don’t lie about this fact, and we also think that it makes a lot of sense. A large percentage of BomeBox customers use it without creating their own mappings. They either use it without mappings, or they use a mapping created by someone else. Probably, they wouldn’t like to pay more for their BomeBox only to have a software that they don’t use. Especially, when purchasing multiple BomeBoxes. Moreover, on a reasonable scope, we offer to save projects for BomeBox customers so that they can use that mapping in their BomeBox. (Note: saving a project file with the full version of Bome MIDI Translator Pro will sign it, which is required so that it can run in the BomeBox).

Other responses to your questions

A USB cable for powering the BomeBox is included with the BomeBox. It is a standard Micro-USB cable.

Not at all, as explained above. It is very useful without the software for many customers. Only when you need MIDI translations/processing/mappings/logic, and you want to set this up on your own, you will need to purchase the software separately.

If the MIDI Solutions device does all you need, then that might have been the better choice for you. But, as for most BomeBox customers, once you’ve mastered the initial hurdles, you will appreciate the Bome way, and maybe even leverage the many more features and possibilities of the BomeBox.

I suspect this is due to the expectation that the BomeBox will send MIDI to a computer via the USB cable. This is not the case, as mentioned above, you will need an Ethernet or WiFi connection to the computer, and the Bome Network tool running. The procedure for connecting is explained in the BomeBox instructions and in our video tutorials.

You don’t need “a computer or a battery”. There are many different options for powering the BomeBox. The simplest one is a standard cell phone charger. Again, I’m sorry for the wrong expectation, but I don’t think you can blame us for not communicating clearly that the BomeBox needs to be powered by one of many different ways. The web site, our shop, the video tutorials, and the instructions state that many times.

@futureoutfit , I hope to have shed some light on the situation. I am sorry about your frustration. But I am very optimistic that you will soon have mastered these initial steps and start enjoying your BomeBox to solve exactly that use case for which you bought it for. And then some…

Why do I not have data coming into my software, if you haven’t noticed I’m at boiling point and sick and tired of testing this device. The above replies about don’t explain anything.

Why do I not have data coming into this device?

I’ve sent multiple screen shots, nothing has been fixed.

How do I use this device, if data ins’t coming into it? I want to set up with comp so don’t need to do the network thing, not interested.

I’m connecting a midi device this the Bome and when I press a button on my device nothing happens to the software and I’ve tried with my keyboard.

Seriously how hard can this be, surely it there’s a reason why no data is coming in?

There’s nothing explaining this on tuts and I can’t recreate a lot of the features on the tuts

I’m sorry I’m not understanding your situation. Could you tell me what device and port your are using to send data to BomeBox and what device and port you are monitoring the outgoing data? I can then show you screenshots of how to set it up, so that data can be routed through your BomeBox?

Have you done the initial setup as outlined in the BomeBox instructions or tutorial?

I’m really happy to help but am not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to convert CC from one input port to a different CC on a different output port, I’m happy to post a project file so that you can accomplish this.

Steve Caldwell
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What device are you connecting and to what port. MIDI DIN or USB? Where do you want the data sent?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

The device doesn’t work. I’ve turned on midi capture and nothing?

I’m shocked I needed to buy this device because another device didn’t work and now I’m buying another device because this device is about as useless as tits on a bull. I’ve been trying for 5 hours and nothing. Spending hours wathching tutorials, nothing. ZERO data

We are here to help but I need you to answer my questions so that we can help you. I know nothing about what input device you are trying to connect, how you are trying to connect it and where you want to send the outgoing message. With this information, we should be able to help you. Have you done the initial setup on your BomeBox using the web interface or are you also stuck there?

Thanks for your patience!

I don’t know how to do the setup? Where’ the link, what app, etc? I downloded something off the link you gave me but there’s nothing in the app that looks like what you sent me

I’m using a Roland FC 300 sending CC and I’ve tried using my keyboard. No data inputs on the software. So in a nutshell, it doesn’t work. There’s obviously something wrong that’s not being explained as I’ve done everything on the tutorials

If your BomeBox is not set up yet, you can set it up with an iPhone or any web browser over WiFi using this tutorial.

The tutorial shows set up using iPhone but you can also use an Android phone. Or a computer with any web browser, by connecting WiFi to the BomeBox WiFi hotspot.

Understand that this is a necessary step to configure your BomeBox. For most use cases, you don’t even need to go into the web config.

The other tool I pointed you to is Bome Network. It is required to get MIDI to and from the BomeBox on a computer. It uses the WiFi connection to the BomeBox WiFi hotspot, or using an Ethernet cable from computer to BomeBox. The tool also makes it easier to get into the web config. You can download and install the tool on PC or Mac.

When using the BomeBox WiFi hotspot, the web config is available at this address (which you need to enter in the web browser’s address bar):
As said, the Bome Network tool makes this easier with a one-click link to that address.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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