Note Off Timer after 250ms

Hi Steve,

I’ve purchased Translator Pro, everything is working so far, thanks to your great support, but I haven’t tried remote MIDI over the internet yet… I’m using local feedback loop to X-Touch to trigger it’s LED states.

One more question. How can I make so that an LED illuminates only for a short defined period of time, like 250ms when it’s button is pressed?

To make and LED turn on for 250ms when you push a button you will need 3 translators.

The first translator has incoming message of whatever you want to use to trigger the event. The outgoing message is a note-on to turn on the LED which is what most controllers use. Multicolor Leds usually use a certain velocity value to define the color.

The second translator has the same incoming message as the first but the output is a one shot timer with 250ms delay. Give the timer a name you can remember like “LED Off” or something.

The third translator has the incoming trigger with the same timer name as used as the output of the second translator (ie "LED OFF). The outgoing message is usually a note-off in the form of note on with zero velocity. MT Pro will complain about that so in rules say something like qq=0 and then set the output velocity to qq.

So the first translator turns, on the LED, the second one starts a timer and the third one turns off the LED when the timer trips.

I hope this helps!

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Can you please provide a project example of this 250ms LED setup? You can base it on this sample project or any other project provided by you in this thread.

Hi Steve, I’d appreciate a sample project with those two translators: a timer and a trigger with timer name of the timer. I don’t understand how to set timer and the 3rd translator. Or at least a tutorial (although a sample would demonstrate that easier, when you get a chance)?


Here ya go

Please set up your aliases for your controller. I’m using a LP MINI MK2 in user mode. Column 2 row 6.

You might have to change the note number to light the appropriate LED on your controller.


Note-off Delay Demo.bmtp (1.4 KB)

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

Awesome! Works great. As usual, many thanks, Steve.