Note on/off to CC 0/127 toggle

Hello, I was wondering how to achieve this. I need to translate a note on/off button to a CC message which toggles between 0 and 127. Thank you.

Is the note ON/OFF button a momentary switch? If so, select triggering on any velocity (midi note on).

Next, you can apply these rules:

if ga==1 then xx=127
if ga==0 then xx=0

And select xx as a value for the CC output.

Thank you for the quick response! Yes it is a Note ON/OFF, is telling me (pushed=no momentary) and (released=yes momentary). I’m working it out now. I’ll let you know how I do.

I set it up just like you said, but I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to do a translator for note off. I’m getting a good response in remotify. It’s acknowledging the toggle. In Ableton though it’s not moving the parameter.
The way the other correctly working knobs register in Remotify is they show a single midi value (ie. cc 60) during the entire turn of the knob. I’m thinking that I need this same behavior from the trigger toggle. Instead the translator is causing the midi values to change in Remotify like this; (note on = cc 127 > note off = note 60 > note on = cc 0 > note off = note 60 again, and so on).
So like I said, it’s registering, but I don’t think this is the correct way to make this Remotify script work hence the Ableton parameter is not moving.

I think Stef’s answer is correct. Here’s a more verbose/optimized version:

MIDI Note On , any velocity
MIDI Controller value: ga

If that doesn’t work, please post your project file as an attachment, and a log of the Log Window when you’re pressing the button a couple of times.


Maybe I can help.

I’m not sure why it is not working and cannot really figure out what you are saying. I created a project file that should work for you and attached it here. The only things you should change are note number in the incoming message that you want to use and the cc # on the outgoing message

current incoming note is 19 hex which is 25 decimal.

current outgoing cc is 3C hex which is 60 decimal

If this doesn’t work, perhaps you can clarify better and post your project file with a log file.

I commented in the rules for additional help – I used raw midi as message type instead of note on note off

I did this so I could use a single translator instead of two




Note that I assumed that you want to trigger note on when you push button and note off when you release. If you want toggle, let me know and I can change it accordingly
Toggle meaning first note on push = 127 release – no change second push 0 release no change.

Yes, toggle

Here is the toggle version. Note there is an Init timer that sets ga which is the global variable that I use to determine last known state for the toggle. If you are already using that you will have to change to the global variable you want to use in both the init time and the translator rules.



I would seriously just pay someone to do all this for me. Would you be interested?

Yes, send email to