Novation Launch Control XL - Flashing LEDs glitch using SysEX

Hello! It’s been awhile since I last posted. Having BOME MIDI Translator Pro for years, now, finally got a BomeBox thus testing a couple of projects to load onto the BomeBox.

I ran into an issue with this particular project where I am using SysEx messages to flash the LEDs on the Track Focus & Track Control pads of the Launch Control XL. It is basically having 3 Dials also start flashing upon enabling 3 pads in the Track Focus strip of pads. The Dials in question are located on the 3rd column (from left to right) of the Dials zone.

The project initializes (via SysEx using the ESC key) with a change of Template selected in the INIT Rules, followed by 2 SysEx messages to turn Off the flashing LEDs function (to ensure it clears previous flashing), then, the SysEx message to turn back On the flashing capability.

The pads on the Track Focus & Track Control work as they should, however on the output, for some reason it is also enabling those particular dials.

If I change the LED channel (on the specific Dials in question) to 2 (versus 1), then, the Dials LEDs do not turn On/flash.

Below is a pic of the settings per Components (Novation SW editor), along with the BOME file under test.

Some Data:

  • Pads (Template 2, Channel 1) are set to A1-A#1-B1 (pads 2-3-4 of Track Focus lane), which, result in Decimal values of 45-46-47 (Hex 2D-2E-2F)
  • Dials CC Values (15-31-51 [Hex 0F-1F-33]), on MIDI channel 1 for CC, and, channel 1 for LEDs. Dials is the only section that one enables the channel independently for Dial CC rotation versus LEDs.

So, why is there an interaction between the Pads and Dials (when both set to channel 1), on these particular (specific) locations? The rest of pads/dials do not behave in such a way.

Looking forward to some feedback on this “glitch”. Thank you!

:slight_smile: Luis
TrackFocusControl_Flashing.bmtp (2.0 KB)

Hi, and welcome back.

This is the MIDI message you are sending with translator 1 when the first button is pressed.

F0 00 20 29 02 11 78 **90** 29 38 F7

If you look closely this is not a valid SysEX message because you have 0x90 (bit 8 set) within the stream. I believe you want to use the index of he LED instead sending a note on-message here.

Did you ever get this working in MT Pro before trying on BomeBox?

Also, I read that flashing can be turned on and off per template using Bx 00 20 and Bx 00 28 where x is the user area number.

Finally, you may need to adjust the incoming note number ii to be the index note of the outgoing SysEX message. I think that the note index values will never change when sending SysEx messages back out. You will not be able to send note numbers within a SysEX message other than through the index pattern.

From what I read you need to.

  1. Set display buffer to buffer 1 - bx 00 31
  2. Write LED’s (using Sysex) with copy and clear flags unset
  3. Set display buffer to buffer 0 and buffer 1 as updating buffer - bx 00 30
  4. Write LED’s with secondary color again with copy and clear flags unset
  5. Set back to Buffer 1 - bx 00 31
  6. Turn on Flash mode - bx 00 28

I haven’t played with it much but this is how I read it. It is important you get it working with MT Pro before uploading and testing with BomeBox

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for the prompt response, much appreciated! Here are either answers (or some comments) to the questions you posed.

(1) Agreed & understood that the SysEX is going out “incorrectly” with a Note On versus the Index. After much testing the Index for those Dials is NOT what is specified by the Programmers Manual, I used them and it did not work. However, as I was testing I had a happy accident by switching it to the Note ON, since all the other Pads/Dials work just fine, except these 3. In addition, by changing the MIDI (LED) channel on the Dials they all work with the Note On. Very odd!

(2) I have yet to try it with the BomeBox since I have had trouble with my box connecting to my Mac and/or via Network. Took me some time just to get through the setup since it kept dropping me off and indicating it could not connect to the site (and not secure). Yet, I will have a separate post on this matter.

(3) Yes, templates can be turned On/Off per Bn 00 20/30 where n is Template # (User), and, this is working for me just fine.

(4) I tested the mapping of incoming notes to what I believe are the true Indices via the Rules, and, it was working on and off, no continuous success with this. Yet, will give this another shot per some current learnings on how it is behaving. That is why my variable is set to ii (as in Index). The version of the file I posted did not include the adjustment I had made.

(5) Regarding the flashing process you outline, I believe that is to be used if one requires “Double Buffering” (thus, steps 1-6 which you outline). The flashing is working, the real problem is the interaction between pads and Dials on those specific locations. I’ll keep re-reading to make sure I did not miss something and/or I misunderstood their intent.

I will make sure I test it through BOME MIDI Translator Pro before it gets loaded into BomeBox. Yet, my next problem is to deal with BomeBox and why it is having an issue connecting directly to my Mac and/or through network. I had updated the FW as soon as I got the unit, and, I set it up with naming & PW just fine. Since then, it’s been an issue trying to test other projects.

Again, thank you!


If you are using Mac with both ethernet and WiFi you will have trouble with BomeBox. You need to pick one or the other and then make sure they are on the same network.
If you have WiFi router that you are connecting to both, then put your BomeBox in WiFi into Client Mode and connect to the same router your Mac WiFi is connection.

You can use both note mode for some things and SysEX mode for other, however the note and index numbers will likely be different and you cannot embed a note (or any other type of message) within a SysEX message. I suspect this is most of the trouble you are having.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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Thanks for the insights Steve!

(1) To sort of wrap-up the main post, I think I have a “workable” solution for the LED flashing project, thanks for your inputs. It was fixed by not mixing the 2 concepts (SysEX/Note modes), yet, placing the SysEX within the INIT area (with 2 add’l translator for stop/start flashing). Then, only using the Note Mode within the pad triggering translators.

(2) I am using my Mac on WiFi and the BomeBox as well. Sorry if I confused with the use of “connecting with my Mac and/or via network”. I meant the Bomebox being powered directly into a Mac USB-C (with A-C adapter) port. Regarding the BomeBox settings, I will check what I had it set too (if Client Mode). First, I will need to ensure I get connected, then, check and change settings if required.

Thank you!


OK, however using note mode, if you want to update LED’s, you can only update them on the current layer, where SysEX mode allows you to update them on any layer (if if not showing). However the downside is mapping incoming from the control to the outgoing index. This would have to be done in rules.

You should be able to power BomeBox via USB with the Mac if it provides enough power for both the BomeBox and any attached USB devices. Personally I would recommend a POE adapter to power the BomeBox.

Take care!

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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Hi Steve,

(1) Yes, that is correct. I send a SysEX command during the INIT stage to let the device know which User Template I would like, thus, making it the “current layer”. One of my next steps in my testing process is to all SysEX and see how it goes. Yeah, that downside you mention is pretty significant since I already found out that there is not a 1:1 mapping of the manual’s outlined Indices. I had down a partial test using the rules section to map the incoming raw MIDI data to what their Indices indicated, yet, only several of the Indices actually worked.

(2) I will switch over to a POE adapter for power to continue my testing on the BomeBox. My biggest challenge is that for whatever reason I can barely connect to the unit. In the last 3 days, I have only connected about once per day (yesterday I got lucky and connected twice). During my 2nd time connecting last night I did place it under “Client Mode”, yet, then after it tried to reset per the actually switch of this setting via the web interface I was never able to connect again

Today I will go into my router’s interface to see if the BomeBox is connecting at all via the wireless setting I provided to the unit.

Thanks for all your support!


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