Problem with Keystrokes/Text Out

The only intension I bought the Program was to have this function because I have to start an important (for me) AutoHotKey Makro.

  • I am working with Cantabile and Chameleon(Controll) is in Front with focus
  • The AHK-Macro works perfect when I send it from my Computer Keyboard
  • BOME started as Admin and minimized......
  • All Capture Targets I can get tested but no one is working
  • When pressing Find: "Target Control cannot be found....."


But I think if I can get the Focus with my macro .......BOME should do this also ??? ....or not????

Can you tell me what`s wrong?

On Pic 1 you can see the Screen

  1. Cantabile Performer (Hole in Chameleon Screen)
  2. Chameleon (active /onTop)


Pic 2: The AHK-Macro that is calling Cantabile internal Hotkey....(Result: Cantabile internal Popup opened and placed to fix position)

Cheers Jürgen



First of all do not run Bome MIDI Translator Pro as Admin. It will create problems for you.

I assume you are trying Windows injected events. This can be done but requires a bit of trial and error. Also there is no concept of WinWait with MT Pro, you may need to introduce a fixed delay before sending your keystroke.

You also may need to introduce delay before positioning the mouse pointer.

If I can find a free copy of Cantible, I’ll see if I can test further for you.

Are you triggering the input with a MIDI event? If not, what is the trigger for your translator?

Can you show me a snap shot of the translator that shows both the incoming and outgoing action?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Also can you tell me more about Chameleon and what is does? What role it plays?

Hello Steve,
in my first pic you can see the Touch Controll Buttons (2) from Chameleon and from there i send a controller over Cantabile to MT…(works all fine)
I have tested with mouse cursor but it is not as clear as a direct code activation like ‘Win Activate’ in AHK
so I wote all the code to do this with the layered Windows in AHK
all I need now is a Translator that does this to the right target
The shortcut Alt(x) works fine when sendet from my Keyboard….sow how I can trigger the same result with MT?
Incoming: Control Change on ch. 2 with CC#:10 (0x0A) and value:127 (0x7F)
Outgoing: Text: Alt(x)
in Chameleon you also can cut holes into the screen to see the Screen behind (next Layer>>Desktop or open Programm
so it is everytime on Top when the mouse moves in the area of it…
Doubleclick on the hole and you can comunicate with the \’behind-Programm\’
My AutoHotKey is working in both cases….(from Computer Keyboard)
but it is not working when I activate it over MT… so what could be the problem??

The mysterious thing is….
if I trigger MT from :
Synth……….>Cantabile>MT Pro > Outgoing Action: Alt(x) output works > Hotkey works
Chameleon>Cantabile>MT Pro > Outgoing Action: Alt(x) output works > but no Effect


after long trial and error I noticed that AHK needs no reference as Hotkey
you also can only write code >> compile it to exe and start it with >>Execute File

Hi, unless you use injected keystroke, MT Pro sends keystroke only to the currently active and focused Window. You can override this behavior (but not in all cases) by using injected keystroke which is similar to AutoHotkey SendControl command. If the application is written so that the control element can be focused, you can find the target control to send the keystroke to even if not in focus.

If an application is using the same hotkey as AutoHotkey uses and the application is focused, it is possible that the application can override the key you programmed in AutoHotkey. So if I use AutoHotkey, I usually make sure the keystroke there is something not commonly used in any given application.

I’m glad you got it solved, however I don’t think you would need to have resorted to “Execute File” of a compiled AutoHotkey script. I guess there is nothing better than a successful solution, however.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist




ControlSend, not SendControl.

Chameleon looks like an interesting piece of software. Kind on like creating your own control surface and even incorporating pieces of existing software. I’ll have to download and play with it a bit. Looks like it also understand MIDI, can you send MIDI data from external control surface to move the controls on the Chameleon software?

Yes we can! …..(but not for all elements) but I think with next Update’s step by step the rest is comming.

For normaly sliders and buttons it works perfect…. so i work with cantabile because it is great. (but sometimes i also need Bome for complicated constructs)

But I think for other people the dont need a host…..only the combination of Chameleon and Bome is very cool and powerfull

….a click on the MIDI OUT section open MIDI IN

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