Problem with LED feedback on Akai APC Mini MK2

Hello, first of all I have to admit that I find Bome extremely complicated and I don’t understand it at all.

My problem.

I have the following:


I want to control my lightshow with it via DasLight 4.
Now we have downloaded the following file from the forum:

We managed to get both pads to work without any problems.
In other words, both can be controlled separately in Daslight.

The problem is with the LEDs on the APC Mini everything is perfect as the config (see link) is for the APC Mini.

But the APC Mini Mk2 can do RGB and I would like to use that but with the Config noway.

Can someone please tell me where or how to make the LEDs on all Buttons of the Mk2 functional.
I’ve been sitting here for 12 hours, my head is spinning and I have absolutely no idea what else to do.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I think your issue has to do with the fact that them MK2 has different MIDI mappings. The default on state for the MK1 is on MIDI CH 1 with full brightness. For the MK2, the return channel determines the brightness and whether the LED’s blink or not.

The following should get you closer, because I’m sending MIDI CH 7 back to the LED Matrix so the brightness will be full. With that said, the colors will be different so if you want to change the LED color, you will need to look at the color mapping I indicated in this post. Also the bottom and side buttons have different note numbers than the MK2 but since they are single color LED’s it should not be an issue as long as you use MIDI learn to map it to Daslight.

Here are the rules I added to translator 3.0 to make the channel mapping work correctly.

// Check for CC
// process normally if CC
if rr==176 then Goto "CC"
// Must be a note
// This is APC MINI MK2 to make it MIDI CH 7
// if note number is less than 40 then make it MIDI CH 7
if pp<64 then oo=oo|6

Label "CC"

I removed APCMINI 3 presets since you only have 2 devices.

akai_apc_change_midi_channel-mk1-mk2.bmtp (2.3 KB)

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