Record preset Varibles

me gain back with even more questions
if i want a varible to only be active in a preset
so i can use it in multiple presets with out messing with eachoder
they will never be active at the same time but will store values that are only used when in that preset
in preset A gd=123 encoder value
switch to preset B gd=50
when switching back A gd are again 123
you guys get what im saying .
becouse i got 8 layers or preset
where each layer is the same 8 encoders
and they are all pass thru and i want record the value for each for next time i come back to same pre set .

Ps Steve im geting to the point where my ocd are getting satisfid with the amount of functions from V,M,R are transfered over to the APC 40 mkII

Hi Mikael,

Bome MIDI Translator has just two types of variables:

Global Variables - Are static and can be seen across all translators and presets
Local Variables - Are dynamic and can only be seen within a given incoming event

At this time there is no concept of “Preset Variables”.

With that said, I anticipate what you want is to duplicate your translators in different presets to handle a different layer function without having to edit all of your rules with different variable names within each preset

The technique I use to do this is to save the “preset” variables to another global variable prior to changing presets, then save the global variables to the “preset” variables upon changing presets.

For example, you want “ga” as a preset variable.

Prior to doing a preset change.

  • Copy ga to ha (the permanent global variable for preset 1)

  • Change presets (to preset 2)

Upon activation of the new preset (2) ,

  • copy ia (the permanent global variable for preset 2) to ga

Then you can continue to use ga in your rules as normal.

Since you also have MIDI helper, instead of using additional global variables, you could also save and restore global variables for each preset from different permanent storage files.

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But i would still need about 40 varibles to store each value

im going to run out soon😪

the helper is going to come in to play soon after hand i learn

What type of data are you storing? If it is only 1 or 0 then it is only 1 bit of data and you can use a single global variable to store up to 32 bits of data. If it is a 7 bit value (like a MIDI CC) then you can store up to 4 values into a single global variable (4x7=28 with 4 bits to spare).

MT Pro has room for up to 360 32 bit global variables. Again if you need more, you can use MIDIHelper to save different global variable sets so you are only limited to the number of filenames you have to save them to but will only have access to 360 at a given time.

For instance for my 64 bit grid on my APC-MINI I only use 2 global variables to maintain their on/off state using bitmapping.

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the data im storing is the encoder position so between 0 to 127
this is for the Sel function on Bus 0 to 8
if i use the normal faders and they are set to what i have set on a nother channel and tuch them wile on this channel they jump to the physical position of the fader but recording the value on the encoder will let me be in the right position on that encoder on what ever channel im modifying hope that made sence

So bus 1-8 on Potato has 8 faders, 8 Reverb Returns and 8 delay returns so a total of 24, 7 bit values. You can store all of this in 7 global variables instead of each in their own global variables (which would use up 24).
In this case I would actually probably use 8 variables and organize them something like.
where bits 0-6 would be the fader value - skip bit 7
bits 8-14 would be the delay return - skip bit 15
bits 16-22 would be the reverb return - skip bit 23
and you could use bits 24-31 for future use/expansion:

For instance

  • A bit for select
  • Another bit for Mono
  • Another bit for EQ
  • Another bit for Mute
  • 4 bits for the Mode select (which can have 12 values)

That way each global variable has bits designed for a given bus
g1 bits - bus 1
g2 bits - bus 2

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I see what u are saying
i need to learn bit mapping
the use was more for the Sel button as it works as a Shift layer for the inputs to that specific out put
so i can set Strip 0 to 7 for Bus 0
so each bus have its specific input levels
One question in what format must i type a cc to be stored in a global v
lets say i want to store midi 9f 20 22

See the attached example.

I store CC0 in to the lowest 7 bits
I store CC1 into bits 8-14 (skipping one bit)
I store CC2 into bits 16–22 (skipping one bit)
I store CC3 into bits 24-30

Storing-4-7-bit-values-into-single-global-variable.bmtp (2.3 KB)

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