Single, Double Press, Hold to Send Different CCs

Hey all,

Looking to have a single triggered CC (CC123 ch1 in my case) send different messages on a double Press and a Hold.

Single Press CC123
Double Press CC122
Hold CC121

Ive found some keystroke posts in the forum that do this and have downloaded a template but cant get multiple CCs to trigger.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @ablethought

I’m not at my computer now but this thread will likely help.

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Hi Steve hope you are well.

Yes this project is about where I can get to. I am able to get multi-presses working but the holds working together with presses is where things get messy. Ive tried multiple timers but get multiple CCs firing. I guess Im mostly lost with a single, double and hold working in unison and not still firing off the single, and double presses.


Try the attached.

I setup translators 1.0-1.4 to handle incoming CCs.

  • Translator 0.0 looks for incoming CC’s and performs ‘Gesture Count’ Translatre 0.3. When a CC is received.
  • Translator 0.1 sets a gesture timer watchdog which will determine how many times the CC was sent within 500ms
  • Translator 0.2 determines if press or release
  • Translator 0.3 performs the actual count (press and release)
  • Translator 0.4 trips after 500ms to get the final count and sets the counter running flag (gc) back to 0

Translators 2.2-2.10 handle CC 123 incoming. Only translators that you want to use will send MIDI. In your case I output control changes only on translator 2.3-2.5 . The remaining have outgoing action of none.

We determine the target incoming CC number in the rules as local variable ‘pp’.

I use global variable gb to hold the desired MIDI channel in the upper nibble and note (in this case CC) number in the lower nibble.

All used global variables are documented in translator 0.2

My aliases are set up as follows. If I remember correctly, you use a Nektar Pacer but for my purposes I’m using my FaderFox EC4.


Good Luck!

Gestures-with-perform-CC.bmtp (12.1 KB)

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services: