Smart Devices

I was shopping for smart lamps and noticed one that has graduations to make it look like level meters.


But their implementation is bad. The colors don’t make sense and the wifi lag is horrible.
So it’s just for show. That gave me an idea; to make the smart lamps functional as a tool for music producers.

You could partner with Govee or Philips etc. to have a music edition.
A new generation Bome Box could have a wifi chip that is compatible with the Google hub or Amazon Alexa. So that in MTP you could have a new output that is for smart devices.
So our MIDI devices could output a DMX or MIDI signal that could control smart devices.

Smart devices are big business, so this could be an opportunity.
I’ve given this idea to Image Line already in their forum:
(I tried to link it to my post; it’s the last one on page 4 of their FLS cameos, as of Sept. 13th 2023).

You could even partner with them too for an FLS version or something.

Thanks, nice ideas! I’ve been tinkering with the idea to somehow connect Bome ware to smart home devices. I’m not sure yet about the most suitable approach.

On the other hand, our software and hardware is already used a lot for DMX control using external MIDI-to-DMX converters.

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I have an Elgato Stream Deck+ Mk2 coming in the mail.
Controlling the smart lighting will be one of its purposes; the app is annoying.
I saw there is a Govee app for it to install and it should work.
Will let you know how that goes.

So it’s been painful to say the least.

My Govee smart lights can’t be controlled by the knobs.
I had to request an API key and wait 8 hours for it, to use the Govee Stream Deck plugin at all.
Its audio plugin can’t detect FL Studio as an audio input source.
They have a standalone app called Wavelink that comes with it. It’s kind of like Voicemeeter.
It seems to do the job for streamers etc. but that also can’t detect FL Studio.
It has a sleep function that keeps waking itself up for no reason.

So the tech for devices plugged into a computer to control smart devices is established.
I can use the buttons to change the lights’ brightness and toggle on/off (and change bulb colours too).
And there is a MIDI plugin in the Stream Deck app. Haven’t tried it out yet (been fighting with this thing all day). Looks like it could send out MIDI messages. So that tells me it could receive them too.
That’s good news.