Splitting Up Midi Channels into Separate Virtual Midi Ports

There have been some other questions from LinnStrument users over the years here, but none that matched this very basic thing that I’d like to do.

The LinnStrument has a feature called Split mode, where it splits the playing surface in half. With the purpose of playing 2 instruments at once. When playing in MPE mode, it facilitates this by splitting up midi channels:

Channels 1-8 - Left Split
 Control Channel: 1
 Notes: 2-8

Channels 9-16 - Right Split
 Control Channel: 16
 Notes: 9-15

The problem is that DAWs like Ableton re-map the received midi channel which prevents you from controlling a unique instrument with each split.

Someone had mentioned that bome might be able to filter out and forward data on these sets of channels to a virtual midi port to fool Ableton into thinking there are 2 devices connected.

I’m new to bome and am in learning mode. I am struggling to find a way to forward, for instance, a raw 1 byte message from a specific channel. My initial thought was to forward all messages of a specific size on channels 1-8 to BMT1, and 9-16 to BMT2. But perhaps I’m thinking outside of the box provided.

Might there be a better way to do this? I was hoping I didn’t have to create unique actions for Note On/Off, MPE, and CC.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

The attached example will send note messages to BMT 1 for channels 1-8 and BMT2 for channels 9-16. I used raw MIDI to detect notes so that I could use single translators for both note-on and note-off messages. At this time there are no translators set up for CC, pitch bend or PC. If you need those you would need to add translators for that. I send the outgoing note message to the same MIDI channel as the incoming message.

There is an MPE message type, but I don’t think the Linn Instrument uses the standard MPE as it existed before the MPE spec was completed.

This should get you started.

MIDI-Port per Channel.bmtp (1.3 KB)

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