Steinberg AI knob with NI MASCHINE

Hi, I need HELP!

I just installed BOME Midi translator Pro Trial and I’m trying to make it working like I want, but I cannot figured out how. If that will work I will buy Full version. I watched your tutorials, read some posts here, tried using some presets from @SteveC but without good results .

I need BOME Midi translator for ONLY ONE function.

My DAW is CUBASE Pro 11 and my MIDI controller is NI MASCHINE.
I want to control with 1 knob ( any of them) from Maschine, inserted plugins in Cubase mixer when I move my REAL mouse on that plug in knob.
It should work same what AI knob on Steinberg CC121 controller.

Is there any working preset for BOME Midi Translator Pro so I can open preset and I’m done?
Programing BOME Midi Translator is to complicated for me.

Thank you in advance for help.

OK, let me understand it better. Youi want to

  1. Select the virtual knob on the screen with your mouse
  2. Turn the encoder/knob on your Maschine to move the virtual knob

You want the physical knob on your Maschine to move whichever virtual knob on your computer is selected, correct?

If so, please capture the MIDI input for the knob you want to use from your maschine so I can see what it sends. Then I’m pretty sure I can help you. When turning your knob using your mouse do you drag up and down or left and right?

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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You also might want to look at this post.

Also interested in this, the point of ai knob, is it can remember assigned plug-in knob, even if plug-in closed.

Steinberg hiding this function

Hi assigned plug-in knob when plug-in is closed would require an change to the API.

The best we can do with MIDI is have you float your cursor over the knob you want and then twist the knob. If your cursor is not over the knob then it will just control the wrong knob.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Support

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