Super simple question: Does Bome Network automatically reconnect?

I’m wondering if Bome Network would be of any benefit over using MacOS’s Audio MIDI Setup for creating network MIDI connections between computers.
Additionally, what does Bome Network offer that A.M.S. doesn’t?

The MacOS default is RTP-MIDI which is session based. You usually have to manually create a session for each remote MIDI port you want to use.

In contrast, sessions on Bome Network are not port based but device (computer or BomeBox) based. There can be multiple MIDI ports to send and receive within a single session. The remote device will expose all attached MIDI port and then you can connect to them individually using Remote Direct MIDI which is available in the Bome Network tool.

If a session between 2 computers (or BomeBox) has connected in the past and the session drops, it will automatically try to re-connect.

You can set up whether the connection requests are automatically accepted or rejected in the Bome Network Tool. This is usually one of the main reasons a user work migrate from RTP-MIDI to Bome Network. The main reason they would not is if they have a device that only supports RTP-MIDI. With that said, it is entirely possible to have both types of connections available and use one as a bridge to the other.

Here is a nice tutorial showing how you can have failover using Bome Network, a BomeBox and an Allen&Heath mixer.

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Bome Customer Care

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