Switch Bome Network Connections via MIDI

A user asks:

I want to have one MIDI surface controller connected to a locally ran Bome Network Pro (BNP) be quickly switched between two remote instances of BNP which are picked by DAW’s on each respected remote PC. Only one connection at a time must happen, not both, otherwise I’d be controlling a wrong DAW. The switch has to happen as fast as possible, not sure if switching scenes would allow fast enough switching between remote connections, or another toggle method is needed…

And I’d like the switch to be initiated by pressing an assigned button on this or another locally connected MIDI controller.

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As long as Bome Network does not have such a ‘scene’ feature, you can do that with a combination of Bome Network (BN) and Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro):

  1. In BN, establish the two connections to the remote computers DAW1 and DAW2
    This will get you the virtual ports DAW1 and DAW2.
  2. In MT Pro, your translation project will dynamically create/remove the respective MIDI routes to connect to DAW1 or to DAW2, controlled via MIDI. That switch happens in a matter of milliseconds.

Thanks for the great suggestion, Florian!

Steve, could you please post a sample project accomplishing this? I forgot my Bome MIDI Translator programming skills (if I even had these :)) ).

I think the manual method mentioned in this post should probably be pretty close to what you want. There is already a tutorial to show how it works.

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