sysex message Delay between Buffers

Hello, I have a problem sending sysex message via MIDI interface Steinberg Midex 8 from control program to synth.
As far as I understand - the midex buffer is overflowing, normal operation is possible only if in MIDI-OX has a parameters: Delay between Buffers = 90 milliseconds and delay after F7 = 10 milliseconds
For some reason, I am sure that MIDI-BOME will help me in realtime taking on the virtual port to receive these sysex(from control program - soundtower Korg editor) and insert these delays buffers and send further to the synthesizer. I.e. on the fly convert sysex stream so Midex does not choke. Please help me.

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I don’t think Bome MIDI Translator Pro could handle this unless you put in SysEX input patterns for every possible SysEX message that can be sent. This would require multiple translators each with a different input pattern with a delay on the outgoing message.
If there are certain patterns that are problematic, however, you could certainly create translators for just the problem ones at let the other pass through the static MIDI router (at full speed)

The pass through static router does not currently have a capability to introduce a delay for all MIDI messages. If interested, I can request this as an added feature, however.

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Of course, it would be convenient if they implemented this, the problem is not only with Midex, many devices that somehow stumble on this problem

While I have adapted this: I save through a virtual cable a bulk dump from the control program (soundtower) and then transfer from the file using MIDI OX and “delay between buffers”. this is very inconvenient, but so far the only solution for me. Moreover, problems only with the data block - bulk dump.
With simple sysex events, everything works normally, the control program (soundtower trtion edit) perfectly manages all the parameters of the synth. But as soon as you need to transfer the bank ща patches (bulk dump) - midex stumbles and hangs ((

I’ve requested a delay on MIDI Thru feature be added. I assume you have also talked to Steinburg about this issue and they have not provided a solution. If not, please try. I think there is a MIDI THRU feature of this box that might help. Also, they have their own Windows drivers so the device may not be class compliant. Their manual talks about Windows XP and older Mac devices, so this interface may not have been designed to be used with newer Windows or Mac machines.

Maybe it is time to do some shopping for a newer USB/MIDI interface?

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in principle, the problem with bulk dump is the only one problem with Midex. Otherwise it is comfortable and perfect

to speak with steinberg, of course, is useless. discounted - and goodbye

thank you. I will very very very very very very very very very much wait

I’m sorry to hear that! (About Steinberg)

Interesting. I think such a feature is useful, but should not be a global setting, or per route, but a setting for a given MIDI port (or MIDI port alias). It’s on the feature request list. (that doesn’t mean it’ll be implemented anytime soon, though. This discussion thread is marked along with the request.

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of course, that would be a cool thing. Because many interfaces are dumb and drowning due to bulk dump

Yes, per port makes much more sense. Also buffer size limit, if applied must be carefully considered on all platforms (including BomeBox) as you cannot delay forever. Eventually the input buffer may fill up, especially with longer delays.


here I too do not understand this moment. How will this sysex data in realtime be folded somewhere, then analyzed, then necessary delays are inserted and sent further? when it makes midiox from a file - there are no problems, but on the fly… in realtime… hmmmmmm

bulk dump size is 77,1 KB (79 004 bytes) in my case

I Checked with another my synth roland XV-5080. All the same, if I send sysex bulk dump from Midex directly from XV-Edit Pro - Midex stumbles and hangs (( If I intercept this dump with MIDIox and send with delays between the buffer - everything is absorbed perfectly.

Thanks for letting us know. Until such time MT Pro has a delay per port function (as @florian indicated), you will need to use an external application as you are currently doing to introduce additional buffering and delays.

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started googling the question. It turns out that this is a common buffer overflow problem either at the interface or at the synthesizer itself.
found themes on waldorf microwave, Korg M1. I.e. potentially solving this problem - get another audience of your product )))

slow pace dump transmission also helps.
I.e. I write to DAW sysex bulk dump at a tempo of 120, and send back at a tempo of 70

Or maybe some Bome tools just change the pace of the stream in realtime on the fly? Is it possible?

Not currently however your request has been noted.

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