Translate more than 1 sysex to Execute a file with Transator Pro


my Keyboard (yamaha Genos) Sends more than 1 Sysex when i press a Registration.
It looks like this:
MIDI FO 43 10 4C 03 04 0C 7F F7
MIDI FO 43 10 4C 03 04 0B 18 F7
MIDI FO 43 10 4C 03 12 0C 7F F7
MIDI FO 43 10 4C 03 13 0C 7F F7
MIDI FO 43 73 01 52 25 00 01 01 00 01 00 F7
MIDI FO 43 10 4C 03 18 0A 55 F7
MIDI FO 43 7E 00 08 00 F7
MIDI FO 43 7E 00 01 7F F7
MIDI FO 43 7E 01 00 23 46 7C F7

So when Translator receive this Kombination of Sysex i want to open a file.
I only find to add 1 Sysex but not a combination of mor than 1.

Is this possible?

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Yes, you can pasted the entire raw MIDI message into the incoming trigger which even allows multi-line. However I would recommend you just pick the unique portion of the message that you want as I anticipate parts of this message are also used for other purposes as well. The message probably varies depending on which registration you picked. I suggest you look at the messages for each registration and just find the unique part that you want to use.

Also, please change all FO (Letter "“O”) to F0 (number zero).

Attached is an example of launching windows notepad.

SysEX-Notepad-Launch-Example.bmtp (1.1 KB)

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Hi Steve,

First, I’m on Mac.
I tried to copy the whole Sysex out of the window in translator but when I click it only copies 1 of all of them.
To show the whole sysex i made a screenshot and copied it out of the screenshot (I know that there must be 0 the copie showed Os)

Sry for my English I’m German.

I realize you are on a Mac but the only difference here is the tools you use.

For complex messages like this, I use the Bome MIDI Translator Log and check “MIDI IN” as shown below.

Then I send the message, select and copy the entire message.
Then using a text editor I delete the text that is not Raw MIDI text. I usually use the editors global search and replace function

Then I select and copy the resulting text into the Incoming box of the translator.
You can expand the incoming box to a larger size if you have log SysEX messages like this.


I know this takes extra steps which is one of the reasons I said it might be better to just select the SysEX that is unique to that preset and only use that line. Also if there are other devices sending on that port, the order or the SysEX messages may change and if that happens, the translator will not trigger as the match will need to be exact.

Thanks, you must be using Google Translate or similar. This helps a lot but sometimes things get lost in machine translation.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

with sysex you need all of them, the file ist only uniqe with the whole string.
I now try it with msb and lsb i opend a new topic for this