USB hub and MIDI interfaces on BomeBox?

Do I understand the decriptions right – I can plug a MIDI interface or an USB hub with a couple of MIDI interfaces into the BomeBox?

If yes, do you know if miditech midiface 4x4 are compatible? The devices are bus-powered with 4 independent I/Os, no patching.

And would the BomeBox support SysEx dumps to/from effect devices for setup and backup?

(Can’t check myself, my BomeBox isn’t here yet and I am designing my new computerless setup.)

The description shows the device as “class compliant” so it should work OK with your BomeBox.
You may or may not require a powered USB hub depending on the current draw of the Midiface. BomeBox provides up to 1 amp so I think you won’t need a powered hub.

As far as SysEX, BomeBox can pass SysEX from and to attached devices by using the BomeBox router, or if you have Bome MT Pro project loaded, setting the routing in that project file (which overrides the BomeBox routing when the project file is running).

BomeBox itself does not have the capability to store or retrieve patches independently. It does not include a “patch librarian” function. You have to rely on the attached devices (or remote applications) to handle that.

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I use SysEx only for manual dumps and connect a computer for that. It must just go through the BomeBox which is the case, as you said.

My USB hubs are all powered, so I can take what fits best. There will be no problem with 2 bus-powered MIDI interfaces.

The crux in my setup is, that I have only one MIDI I/O on the master controller. It is a Gordius Footcontroller and should control all MIDI routing via a single line. It cannot do it alone, therefore the BomeBox.

Please have a look at the diagram below, it shows the MIDI setup for a larger system.

The BomeBox should …
… route both instruments selectively to the two synths on the left side …
… make the MIDI settings for the audio effects on the right side …
… while playing, control parameters on synths and effects …
… occasionally it should be possible to connect a computer to the Gordius controller and send SysEx dumps to and from synths and effect boxes.

Is this a situation the BomeBox loves to handle, or am I going to violate the system?

Hi, thanks for the nice diagram!

Since the Gordius controller only has 1 output port, you will probably need to add an MT Pro project file to map MIDI channels to different ports since you will have a total of 8 devices (ports) that you will be sending MIDI. Alternately if each of your devices has it’s own MIDI channel, then you can send to all 8 devices and let the devices themselves sort out whether the MIDI message is for them. Of course if you send SysEX from Gordius, it would probably need to go to all ports and again the device would have to sort out whether the message was for it.

Does this make sense?

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Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Oh, channel sorting is already done. The setup isn’t new, components are just rearranged on paper to check the possibilities with the BomeBox. I’ve updated the above chart with channel numbers.

I am sure that I will need MT Pro. In our recent discusssion we talked about duplicating and mapping channel 9 input to channels 11/12 output. You see the reason for that in the upper left part of the diagram: Incoming Sylphyo wind controller with CC numbers from it’s motion sensor plays to synths sensitive to other CC numbers. Next step is the MIDI guitar, which is more complicated.

The Gordius controller is omnipotent but as a programmable output device it does not convert incoming MIDI. Currently I cannot use MIDI interfaces after the controller and run my setup with two MIDI merge boxes and everything serial. This is no fun as you can imagine and has a lot of issues.

I’m glad for your confirmation that the setup is a task for the BomeBox and will probably soon believe that life without Bome is possible but pointless :slight_smile:

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