Using Korg nanoKONTROL2 with Gig Performer

Hello @SteveC, we’ve met in another forum - the one for Gig Performer (GP). :slight_smile:

I have the same nanoKONTROL2 driver issue when using it with GP. I also just purchased Midi Translator Pro, and although I feel like I’m over my head, I know in the long run it’s going to be the answer to be able to do almost anything between my hardware, other software, and GP.

You mentioned above that we could uninstall the Korg driver and use a generic Windows driver. Will Windows just assign a generic midi driver to the nanoKontrol?

Finally, can I then use Midi Translator Pro between the nanoKontrol and GP? One of the knobs on the Kontrol has a default value that conflicts with GP, so it sounds like I can make the change in Midi Translator Pro rather than using the Korg utility and driver.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, see this thread

Yes, Have Bome MIDI Translator access your nanoKontrol2 port directly. Then pass through any messages (via MIDI thru or translator) to a Bome Virtual Port and then in Gig Performer only enable the Virtual Port. On Windows only one application has access to a given MIDI port at given time.

Controller → MT Pro → Virtual Ports 1-9 (each going to a separate application)
Applications → Virtual Ports → MT Pro → Controller

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Thank you, @SteveC

I’ve been able to download and install the software, and I’m creating my first project. I’ve created presets for all the mute buttons, and they are working on GP. I’ve attached my bmtp sample, does this look like a good business practice for the nanoKontrol? I noticed that the lights on the control no longer go on or off, even though the Sync feature is selected in GP. Can that be turned back on using MTP? Or does that feature only work with the Korg driver?

nanoKontrol2TEST.bmtp (6.0 KB)

Thanks again!


First of all, I always use aliases, that way if physical (or virtual ports) change, you can always just change the alias and everything will still be set without changing a bunch of preset or translator routing. See this tutorial on use of aliases.

In your case, I created two aliases and assigned them as shown below.


Next I opened these ports at the project level and then routed MIDI THRU paths as shown below. Anything that is not handled by a translator (with the “Swallow” option set) will pass through these MIDI paths. I set MIDI thru paths in both directions. If you want to convert MIDI, and use MIDI Sync in Gig Performer, you will need to write translators for both directions.


Finally I duplicated your first preset and then set up port routing on both presets after renaming them. You can learn more about port routing from this tutorial.

In Gig Performer, I turned of any direct port access to or from nanoKONTROL2 and ensure port access was set up for BMT 1 instead (which is aliased to “Gig Performer” in Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

If you disable the presets, everything will pass through untouched. With them enabled, any translators will work and any events outside of the scope of the translators will still pass through untouched.

Attached is the updated project file.
nanoKontrol2TEST-sjc.bmtp (11.8 KB)

Oh and I put this discussion on a new thread.

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Thank you, Steve, this is awesome!

I know I’m only seeing just the beginning of the potential of this software.

Thanks again, and I’ll reply on the new thread as well.


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Thanks again, @SteveC, the first project is a success, thanks to your help!

My pleasure!

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