Virtual Output Port not selectable

I just bought and installed Virtual MIDI Ports to get different port names from the BomeBox to Mac applications. This basically seems to work. I created one Port “BomeBox - Piano” and can see it in music apps and in MIDI Translator Pro. In the MT file in the BomeBox I have a translator that sends everthing from a stage piano (via USB on the BomeBox) to MIDI output “BomeBox - Piano”. This is not an alias, “BomeBox - Piano” is displayed as a real port.

But on the “MIDI Ports” page of the BomeBox web application I cannot set “BomeBox - Piano” to the new port because this name is not available in the dropdown menu. When I set it to “Mac-mini”, the data comes to the Mac from Port “BomeBox - Net” and additionally (?) goes out to “Network Session 1” for whatever reason.

The virtual “BomeBox - Piano” is selectable as a target on the routing page of the web app. But when I use that, I get the same result as setting the output on the MIDI ports page.

I should be able to select “BomeBox - Piano” as an output for the BomeBox, or not?
What am I doing wrong?

Hi Peter,

It sounds like you are discussing Remote Direct MIDI ports which can be seen from remote devices on a PC or MAC (from BomeBox, PC or Mac). However Remote Direct MIDI ports are not yet visible on BomeBox. This functionality is planned for the future.
For the time being, the BomeBox will only see the main network port on your computer (by Computer Name), and if you want to selectively use MIDI from that port, you will need to do so by MIDI channel (from the same port).

Steve Caldwell
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Ah, thanks for the clarification.
I was actually hoping to send out from the BomeBox via these Bome Network Virtual MIDI ports. So that’s not (yet) possible.

If I understand you correctly, the other direction works. Right now I’m using the switches in the Remote Direct MIDI list to talk to a device controlled by the BomeBox from the computer. This would be solved more elegantly with the Virtual MIDI Ports.

A DAW can send to the BomeBox via these Virtual MIDI Ports, right?


If you have specific devices attached to your BomeBox that you want the DAW to send to an you want to have your own port names instead of using the Remote Direct MIDI port names.

  1. Create the virtual port names you want to use
  2. Enable Remote Direct MIDI ports you want to use
  3. Using the Bome Network MIDI router, Route to and from the Virtual Ports to your Remote Direct MIDI ports.
  4. Set up your DAW to talk to the Virtual Ports you created instead of the Remote Direct MIDI ports.

Now you should be able to use the virtual ports you created or your DAW and the routing will go to the Remote Direct MIDI ports on the desired device on your BomeBox.

Not yet, but it is planned. I think the work to do is to figure out how to design the web interface on BomeBox to handle this.

Steve Caldwell
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But now I have the original and the virtual port names in all port lists on the computer. Including the non-functional BomeBox output ports with the same names.

Maybe I will run into a situation where that makes sense, but for now I don’t think I want to do that, my original port names aren’t that bad.

But thanks for the help, competent as always!

Right, you cannot hide port names that are being used by Remote Direct MIDI.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: