X-Touch Compact and Pro Tools

Hi I’m new here, I try to comunicate from my x-touch compact to pro tools.
Is there a preset for MT Pro that I can try?
Thank you a lot for help me

Hi Alex and welcome to the Bome Forum!

There may be something out there if you search on MCU and/or HUI. I’ve given quite a few tips in the past.

I also have an X-Touch Compact and I built a full solution for mine but since it took me many hours to build it, I would need to charge you for it. In addition to providing support here for Bome, I am an independent consultant. The free support here includes tips and guidance but not fully built solutions. You can read about some of the solutions I built on this post.

Reach out to me via email or private message if you would like to discuss further.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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How do I set up my Behringer X-Touch (and X-Touch Compact) in Ableton Live? First, you will need to set your X-Touch to Mackie Control mode : Hold down the Channel 1 SELECT button and then turn on the 192.168.l.254 Thanks Christopher, It just so happens I’ve been spending time looking at the Presonus Faderport 8. It doesn’t seem to have total Pro tools HUI … Although it is only MC control and not HUI, you can use a midi translator software or hardware to make it work well with Pro Tools , although it needs a little …