Yamaha 01V96 VCM as Controller for Ableton

Thanks for your attention.
I‘m a newbe an I have a short question:
Is there someone who has a preset for Yamahas 01V96 to controll with the Mixer the fader, the mute and the solo buttons from Ableton?

Steven was so great to send me a preset for Yamaha DM2000 where I can check some things from Bome MIDI Translator.

The preset works not for me.
I only can click the fader and the solo and mute Buttons with the mouse in Ableton and that I see on the Mixer, but when I move the faders on the Mixer or push the solo or mute Button nothing happens in Ableton.

If there has someone a preset with that solution I would be very happy.

Thanks a lot.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Could you show me a snapshot of how you have configured things in Ableton Live? If you configured correctly, it should work.

Also show a snapshot of how you have assigned your aliases in Bome MIDI Translator Pro.

Steve Caldwell
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Hey Steve! Thanks for your help.
Here we go:
My Yamaha Mixer is connectet via USB: so I select USB 3 + 4 (I have to select 2 USB-MIDI Channels)

In Ableton I use Mackie Controll Universal and Yamaha Port 3 and 4 and BOME MIDI Port

In the Software I use Port 1

Uploading: 22F6ED80-1998-4DB5-AA6F-A30141B472B8.jpeg…
Uploading: B3E5C349-EC6A-4CE3-B593-F5E069FBC12B.jpeg…
Uploading: CCC6EB7B-C687-47A8-B1FF-FC3E06D93490.jpeg…
Uploading: AB812BDB-3026-4367-88B4-864A2C038501.jpeg…
Uploading: F17D4BF2-E9D5-4699-8A05-21A1F6A71335.jpeg…

Ok… the pictures are a bit to big.
I try it saperatly

This is how the aliases should look in MT Pro, with the exception instead of pointing to my Launch Control XL, you should point to your 01V96.


In Ableton Live it should look like this.




I just tested with my Launch Control XL in HUI mode and it seems to work fine.

Note that you should NOT try to open any of your controller ports directly with Ableton Live. If they are checked, please uncheck them.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks a lot.
I think I have done it wrong.
Will try it and give you a feedback.

Thanks again Steve!!

Hey Steve,
Now I have it fixed by the first 8 Channels - I can move the faders in Ableton and on the mixer as well as the solo and mute buttons. It works in both ways.

How can I do it with the next 8 Channels?
I had tried to copy the 8th channel and rename it as channel 9 and go on with the numbers for channel 9, but it do not work.

I have looked in the manual for Yamahas Midi CC’s (Page 290 to 308) but I do not understand that.
A big sorry for that, but maybe you have an Idea how I can understand and try by myself to get the channels 9 to 16 mapped.

Thanks a lot!

I’m not 100% sure but I think you will need to duplicate the two presets for channels 1-8 going both ways and define the routes for the 2 new presets to come from the second MIDI port on your controller and BMT2 on Ableton Live. Each DAW does this a bit different but most work that way. If you have to ask Ableton, just ask what normal Mackie MCU configuration would be.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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Thanks for you massive support!!! Simply: WOW!

Here are the BMT Settings:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-25 um 23.27.19

… here I am into for Channel 9 to 16 (I know there is missing the MIDI IN):
Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-26 um 14.42.38

So I think this Ableton settings should be the right one:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-25 um 22.46.00

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-25 um 22.46.09

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-25 um 22.46.18

For the settings in MIDI Translator I will try my best.
When the preset is good for me, I will upload it here and also send it to you.
If someone will ask you can give it away for free.

…this should be take some time till we are on this point, but the point surely will come :wink:

Have a good weekend and thanks for your time and massive support again!

Glad to have been of help!


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I will be come back to you the days :slight_smile:

Short note: I am still on it. Will be keep u up to date. :wink: Enjoy the weekend


so my main problem is that I do not know which comands fader 9 - 16 of the Yamaha 01V96 have. I had read the manual of the MIDI sheet but I do not understand it.

I will check the web.
If someone has an Idea or know the right order I will be very happy.



  1. Open the Log window in Bome MIDI Translator Pro
  2. Check MIDI IN Box
  3. Move fader
  4. Look at log.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz
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Hey Steve,

on the mixer (Yamaha 01V96) the fader 1 - 8 are the same as fader 9 - 16… I am confused and I think I do not understand BOME.

As I read, the MIDI commands are the same from Ch. 1 - 8 as the Ch. 9 - 16 so I have to put Ch 1-8 on the virtual BMT 1 and Ch 9-16 on the virtual BMT 2.
I did exactly this.
NOTHING… same problem.

I also set the BMT 1 to MackieControl and the BMT 2 to MackieControlXT in Ableton.
Same problem: Ch. 1-8 on the mixer are doubled (1-8 and 9-16 are identical) with the problem that also the pan in Ableton is wired to 100% left or 100% right.

So is there someone who can german because I am very frustated. I have read the manual and I simply do not understand it.

There must be a person who get that what I would like to get with the Yamaha 01V96, or I am realy the only person on this planet who is trying this? (LOL)

The commands which will be shown on LOG WINDOW in the MIDI IN Box do not open the door for me to understand what I will have to do.

Here is the Preset based on the Yamaha DM2000, with my modification for Yamaha 01V96… There is not realy a step forward comparing it with the Preset of the DM2000 (LOL)

This Preset is ok (not the errors I have mentioned here above) and with this preset I would like to have inkl.Channel 9-16 exactly the same as Ch 1-8 in this preset :wink:

01V96-HUI-to-Ableton-Live-Mackie1.bmtp (56.7 KB)

Happy eastern and enjoy the time :slight_smile:

Short note: My dream would be to control every fader which will be added in Ableton like the Novation Launch Control do or like you can do it in Logic…
Maybe this is the next step when all 16 Channels of my Yamaha01V96 VCM will communicate with Abletons first 16 faders ;-)…and surely when it is possible…

The main thing slowing us down if figuring out exactly what you controller faders send. If you could log the output of them in MT Pro, then things would go much quicker as apparently the controller output can be changed and not having one, I cannot predict what they are sending in your case.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Allright - I try to figure it our and I will check the manual and some helpful stuff as well.

Nevertheless: THANKS A LOT!
It will take some time, but I will be back.

I won’t give up :wink:

Yeah, the manual itself is not that helpful. Best to see what it actually sends.


Good morning :slight_smile:

So I have check the fader-commands and the faders 1 to 8 and 9 to 16 are exactly the same MIDI commands. I have test it in a new preset / project.
I moved fader 1 (Port 1) and fader 9 (Port 2).

I have compared my preset (it is attached below) and there is everything as far as good.
So the thing is now, that BMT 1 and BMT 2 have to set right in Ableton and the mixer have to send with the right selected channels. I changed the Midi channels in the mixer from 3 and 4 to 1 and 2.

There are no ERRORS shown:

So I do not understand it :zombie:

For Channel 1 - 8 everything is good and for Channel 9 to 16 it do not work.

Here is my Ableton setting (alle IN and OUT are identical):

Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-10 um 03.24.26

Bildschirmfoto 2023-04-10 um 03.24.41

So maybe it will help you to get a better view into my setting.

…It would also be interesting, if the person with the DM2000 can use more than 8 channels or also only 8.



Here is the preset:
01V96-Ableton-04-23_1_TEST.bmtp (111.4 KB)