BomeBox upcoming OSC features


Will the current version of BomeBox support all the upcoming OSC-Midi features, or will there be an upgraded version of the box too?

Just thinking of buying one ahead of the OSC support release. Both to support your work, and perhaps to already map some of my midi to it. However, OSC-midi and midi-OSC is the main reason for me getting one. I suppose multiple OSC sources and targets will be supported too?



Hi, thank you for the question. OSC support will be available on the current hardware as a firmware upgrade.
I appreciate your willingness to purchase one ahead of the OSC support, but please understand that although we have an OSC prototype running for quite some time already, we never promise a particular date of availability of future features. It is high up on the roadmap, but there is at least one other "big" feature coming first (multi stream).

I'm sure that as you say, the BomeBox will probably be useful to you already. And many BomeBox owners use it for more and more use cases, once they got started...

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oh, and please contact us if you’d like to test pre-release firmware with OSC:

Hello, I'm chiming in to ask if there is any news on OSC support. So much needed!


Hi there!

Any update on OSC support? It’s been a while now…

Nothing yet, but maybe you can take OSC messages and convert to serial for BomeBox. Then if your BomeBox has a serial USB device attached, you could convert from serial to MIDI and visa versa.

Just a thought

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Thanks for the suggestion, but won’t work for my use case. I really hope OSC support will be added soon for both BomeBox and BMT. I understand there’s a lot of work, but the wait has been long…

Noted, I will let Florian know. I agree, that OSC support would be nice and it can indeed be very complex since users can create any OSC path value that they wish.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:
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Hello, It’s been a while now. I think OSC is never gonna happen. What a pity

Add one more voice for OSC support. I have an SSL Sigma that I’d like to develop OSC control for - given that device is EOL I am certain that OS support for their native Delta control plugins will wither and die. This would also allow control of multiple Sigma devices - something that is not possible via SSL’s plugins natively/easily.

Thanks @paogoz and @Alan.Halverson for reminding us. It is on our roadmap! Some things just need to take some time, I’m afraid. I wish we’d be faster!

Checking in on OSC support roadmap/timeline again. Been awhile since the last message on the topic - any update?

Thanks for reminding. I wish I had some news to share, but the state is the same: still on the roadmap, and it’s advancing, but not yet anything to share.